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Big List of Adjectives That Start With M (Positive, Negative, Descriptive)

Looking for adjectives that start with M? Adjectives are descriptive words. They are a part of speech that modifies nouns or pronouns. Adjectives are instrumental in providing specific details about the noun or the pronoun in question. Whether a dress is green or pink, shiny or basic, cotton or silk – all such information is provided in a sentence by adjectives.

The letter M has plenty of adjectives that start with it, each significantly different from the other. The following are lists of adjectives that start with M, each with an example sentence attached to it for easier understanding.

Adjectives that start with M
Adjectives that start with M

List of descriptive adjectives that start with M 

There are various kinds of adjectives. Descriptive adjectives describe or modify a noun, which can be a person, place, or thing. These include words that indicate an object’s color, material, age, shape, quality, or purpose (noun or pronoun). 

The order of descriptive adjectives is as follows:

  1. Quantity or number 
  2. Quality 
  3. Size 
  4. Age 
  5. Shape 
  6. Color 
  7. Proper adjectives (names of people or places) 
  8. Purpose 

A sentence example is – I have two adorable small young brown Yorkshire sheep-protecting dogs. 

Variation in the order mentioned above is not proper. 

All adjectives that start with the letter M

  • Macho 
  • Maddening 
  • Magenta 
  • Maiden 
  • Main 
  • Maintainable 
  • Major 
  • Make-believe 
  • Maladjusted 
  • Makeshift 
  • Malleable 
  • Manageable
  • Mammoth 
  • Mandatory 
  • Managerial 
  • Manicured 
  • Man-made 
  • Mandatory 
  • Manoeuvrable 
  • Manual
  • Many 
  • Marginal 
  • Marbled 
  • Marketable 
  • Marked 
  • Married 
  • Massive 
  • Masked 
  • Master 
  • Matchless 
  • Masterful 
  • Maternal 
  • Matronly 
  • Mathematical 
  • Meagre
  • Meandering 
  • Meaningless 
  • Metabolic 
  • Metallic 
  • Meteoric 
  • Mean-spirited
  • Measly
  • Measurable
  • Meaty
  • Meat-eating
  • Medicinal
  • Medical
  • Medium
  • Medium-rare
  • Melted
  • Menacing
  • Mental
  • Menial
  • Mercurial
  • Merciful
  • Mere
  • Merry
  • Messy
  • Metaphoric
  • Mexican 
  • Microscopic 
  • Middle-class
  • Middle 
  • Microwaveable 
  • Midweek
  • Mighty
  • Mirthful
  • Miscreant
  • Misty
  • Militant 
  • Mild 
  • Military
  • Militaristic
  • Milky 
  • Mindless
  • Mind-bending 
  • Miniature
  • Mini
  • Minimum 
  • Mincing
  • Mistaken
  • Minimal
  • Minute 
  • Minor 
  • Miscellaneous 
  • Miraculous
  • Mixed 
  • Mnemonic 
  • Moaning 
  • Mobile 
  • Moderate 
  • Modified
  • Mocking 
  • Moist
  • Moldy
  • Momentary 
  • Momentous 
  • Mortifying
  • Money-grubbing 
  • Monopolistic 
  • Monotone 
  • Monosyllabic 
  • Monotonous 
  • Monstrous
  • Moralistic 
  • Mordant 
  • Mortifying
  • Mortified
  • More
  • Moronic 
  • Mortal
  • Most
  • Motivated 
  • Motivating 
  • Mountainous 
  • Motor 
  • Mouthwatering 
  • Movable 
  • Much 
  • Moving 
  • Muddy
  • Muggy
  • Muffled 
  • Multifaceted 
  • Multicultural 
  • Multipurpose 
  • Multi talented 
  • Mundane 
  • Mumbled
  • Munificent 
  • Municipal
  • Murky 
  • Mushy 
  • Musical 
  • Muslim 
  • Musky 
  • Mute
  • Mutative
  • Mutinous 
  • Mutual
  • Muttering 
  • My 
  • Myopic 
  • Mystic 
  • Mystical 
  • Mystified 
  • Mystifying 
  • Mythical
  • Melancholy- Sad or glum 

Sentence Example: The melancholy notes of the nightingale enchanted everyone. 

  • Macabre- Gruesome or horrific 

Sentence Example: We organised a macabre costume party this Halloween. 

  • Magnanimous- Generous 

Sentence Example: The old man next door is always magnanimous when it comes to donating for charity. 

  • Maniacal- too enthusiastic, to the point of madness 

Sentence Example: Mr. Rochester told Jane about his maniacal wife who had to be locked in the attic for her violent tendencies. 

  • Misanthropic- dislikes people 

Sentence Example: My grandfather is a misanthropic man who is never hospitable to our neighbours. 

  • Majestic- Impressive and dignified 

Sentence Example: The lions in the national park looked majestic and happy as we drove past them. 

  • Mature- Fully developed 

Sentence Example: The mature insurance bonds can be claimed from tomorrow. 

  • Mean- Unkind 

Sentence Example: Mrs. Gomez is a mean lady who never offers tips to the waiters at the restaurant. 

  • Meek- Gentle 

Sentence Example: Grandma is a meek old woman who bakes the best chocolate chip cookies. 

  • Melodramatic- too emotional 

Sentence Example: The participants of the theatre club were melodramatic on stage. 

  • Memorable- an incident that is worthy of being remembered 

Sentence Example: My first visit to Disneyland is a memorable day in my life. 

  • Meticulous- Detailed 

Sentence Example: My boss is a meticulous woman who pays attention to every single word in my presentations. 

  • Mild- Gentle 

Sentence Example: Mr. Jones likes a particular brand of mild chamomile tea from the tea shop next door. 

  • Miserable- Unhappy 

Sentence Example: Patrick was miserable because he had lost his camera before the photography competition. 

  • Modern- Current 

Sentence Example: The living room was tastefully decorated with modern furniture and paintings. 

  • Modest- Humble 

Sentence Example: The wealthy young banker was so modest that everyone at the soup kitchen was amazed. 

  • Moody- frequent changes in behaviour 

Sentence Example: Adam is such a moody child that it gets very difficult to handle him sometimes. 

  • Mundane- Dull 

Sentence Example: The holidays were mundane this year due to the pandemic. 

  • Mysterious- Difficult to explain 

Sentence Example: There are mysterious noises coming from the house at the end of the lane. 

Adjectives that start with M
Adjectives that start with M

Positive adjectives that start with M 

Positive adjectives are descriptive words that indicate positive or optimistic experiences.The following is a list of positive adjectives that start with M.

  • Magical- Enchanted or with supernatural powers 

Sentence Example: The magical beans led Jack to the giant’s castle. 

  • Magnificent- Spectacular 

Sentence Example: The magnificent mountains stretched for miles in front of us. 

  • Marvellous- Extremely good 

Sentence Example: Father praised Jim for his marvellous science fair project. 

  • Meaningful- Serious or important

Sentence Example: John cannot form any meaningful relationships. 

  • Mellow- Soft and pleasant 

Sentence Example: My mother hums in a mellow tone as she bakes in the kitchen. 

  • Melodious- Related to melody (sweet-sounding)

Sentence Example: The melodious song of the cuckoo ushers in spring every year. 

  • Merciful- With mercy or pity 

Sentence Example: After years of paralysis, the old woman waited for a merciful death. 

  • Merry- Happy 

Sentence Example: The merry guests sang and danced to their fill on the wedding day. 

  • Mighty- Strong and powerful 

Sentence Example: The mighty Greek army won the war against Troy. 

  • Miraculous- Having the power to perform miracles 

Sentence Example: After losing our way, we thanked the heavens for our miraculous escape from the forest. 

  • Mirthful- Happy or cheerful 

Sentence Example: Mirthful laughter could be heard from the ballroom. 

  • Monumental- Of great importance 

Sentence Example: Chris dedicated monumental effort in raising his grades in his last semester in university. 

  • Motherly- With the tender and caring instincts of a mother 

Sentence Example: Mrs. Stone opened her arms wide with motherly love for the foster children. 

  • Motivational- Promoting the wish to achieve something 

Sentence Example: The chairman of the company got up onto the podium and gave a motivational speech. 

Negative adjectives that start with M 

Negative adjectives are descriptive words that indicate negative or pessimistic experiences.The following is a list of negative adjectives that start with M.

  • Malevolent- Having a desire to do evil to others 

Sentence Example: I have always thought that James had dark, malevolent eyes. 

  • Malicious- Intent to cause harm 

Sentence Example: The judge found him guilty of causing malicious damage on purpose. 

  • Malignant- Evil or Infectious 

Sentence Example: Steve was caught in the hands of a malignant fate that threatened to destroy everything he had built. 

Sentence Example: Roma was devastated after being diagnosed with a malignant tumour. 

  • Malodorous- With bad smell 

Sentence Example: Years of neglect ensured that the room was malodorous once opened. 

  • Mangy- In bad condition 

Sentence Example: The mangy dog was cleaned and fed at the shelter. 

  • Meddlesome- Troublesome and annoying 

Sentence Example: The meddlesome child entered the kitchen and put salt in the pancake batter. 

  • Mournful- Sadness or grief 

Sentence Example: She was sitting near the window with a mournful expression on her face. 

Adjectives that start with M to describe a person 

There are numerous adjectives starting with M that are used as descriptive words for people. Such adjectives are also known as personality adjectives. They can be used to describe or modify nouns or pronouns having to do with a person.

The following is a list of adjectives that start with M, used to describe a person.

  • Machiavellian- Cunning and manipulative 

Sentence Example: Iago is a Machiavellian character from Shakespeare’s Othello

  • Manipulative- Control or influence (a person or a situation)

Sentence Example: Tom is a very manipulative individual. 

  • Mean- Unkind 

Sentence Example: The mean boys bullied the shy student in class. 

  • Merciless- Without mercy or pity 

Sentence Example: The merciless beating made the prisoner weak and traumatised. 

  • Messy- Unclean or chaotic 

Sentence Example: The messy siblings made it difficult for their mother to manage the house. 

  • Mischievous- Naughty 

The mischievous kids drew a moustache on my sleeping brother’s face. 

  • Miserable- Unhappy 

The miserable girl lay on her bed and cried herself to sleep. 

  • Morbid- Unhealthy interest in disturbing stuff 

Sentence Example: Wednesday was such a morbid little girl that the Addams family was proud. 

  • Muddled- Confused 

Sentence Example: The muddled old man could not even remember his daughter’s name. 

  • Morose- Bad-tempered or sulking 

Sentence Example: Edith became morose after her engagement ended. 

  • Maverick- Unconventional 

Sentence Example: Rosy is a maverick as an emerging artist in the field. 

  • Materialistic- interested in worldly possessions 

Sentence Example: Sara is a materialistic woman who is interested only in jewellery

  • Mad- Insane 

Sentence Example: The mad man threw a brick at the police constable. 

  • Miserly- Stingy with money 

Sentence Example: The miserly old man decided to bar children from asking for treats on Halloween. 

  • Muscular- with well-defined muscles on the body 

Sentence Example: Ron hit the gym for a couple of months to develop his muscular physique. 


There are plenty of adjectives starting with M in the lists provided above, along with sentences to clarify their meanings.

Adjectives that start with M (images)

Adjectives that start with M
Adjectives that start with M
Adjectives that start with M
Adjectives that start with M

Other adjective lists

Other lists of adjectives:


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