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Big List of Adjectives That Start With I (Positive, Negative, Descriptive)

Looking for adjectives that start with I? Adjectives help us to describe the world around. They can get used in a positive or negative way. And often help us to modify expressions and sentences to fit our desired point of view or perspective.

Let’s take a look at all the adjectives in the English language that begin with the letter “I.”

Adjectives that start with I
Adjectives that start with I

List of adjectives that start with I

  • Indicative – serving as a sign or indication of something
  • Indirect – not directly caused by or resulting from something.
  • Indisposed – in poor health
  • Indisputable – not up for debate, with absolute certainty
  • Inarguable – unable to be disputed 
  • Inevitable – something that will come to pass eventually against all odds 
  • Informal – friendly and casual way of interacting
  • Industrial – relating to an industry 
  • Ideographic – symbolic representations of concepts
  • Idiomatic – relating to colloquial expressions
  • Illiterate – unable to read or write.
  • Illustrious – a noteworthy person who is famous and revered
  • Interior – referring to the inner part of something 
  • Internal – existing or occurring inside an institution, for example 
  • Incidental – something that secondarily occurs along with something else 
  • Imaginary – a figment of the imagination or fictional 
  • Indefinable – something that cannot be defined by words
  • Indefinite – lasting for an unknown length of time
  • Indelicate – lacking sensitive understanding or being tactless
  • Indentured – binding someone by an indenture as an apprentice or laborer
  • Indeterminate – undefined or unspecified
  • Indian – relating to the South Asian country of India
  • Italian – relating to the European country of Italy
  • Interactional – having an influence on each other 
  • Investigative – associated with the process of investigation
  • Invisible – not able to be perceived by the eye 
  • Inherent – existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute
  • Inheritable – capable of being inherited
  • Inhibited – self-conscious or reserved
  • Inoffensive – unoffending or harmless
  • Inoperable – not able to be operated on or treated
  • Incontrovertible – beyond a shadow of a doubt 
  • Impregnable – a place or fortification which cannot be attacked or broken into
  • Inaudible – unable to be heard
  • Inbound traveling inwards towards a particular location, precisely an origin
  • Inbred – existing from birth
  • Indefeasible – something that cannot be annulled or overturned.
  • Informative – giving information that is of value or use 
  • Intercultural – refers to interacting elements between different cultures 
  • Implausible – unrealistic or debatable 
  • Ionic – relating to ions or Ionic architecture 
  • Instructive – enlightening and informative 
  • Impressionist – the 19th-century art movement
  • Impudent – disrespectful or cheeky
  • Impugnable subject to being discredited
  • Inadvertent – without intention, accidentally
  • Infinite – without limit, never-ending
  • Incomplete – something that is insufficient or not whole 
  • Ill-fated – unfortunate and unsuccessful 
  • Indistinct – not clearly defined
  • Individualized – custom-made for someone
  • Inebriated – drunk or intoxicated
  • Ingrained – something established and difficult to change
  • Ingratiating – intended to gain approval or favor, sycophantic.
  • Ingrown – something that grows into itself
  • Inharmonious – lacking harmony or discordant
Adjectives that start with I
Adjectives that start with I

Descriptive adjectives that start with I

  • Imbalanced – lacking balance or arrangement
  • Immune – resilient to the effects of something
  • Impaired – weakened or damaged
  • Impeded – obstruct or hinder
  • Infinitesimal – something extremely small which cannot be visibly measured 
  • Intended – something that is done purposely or deliberately 
  • Icelandic – a North Germanic language 
  • Ideological – related to a system of ideas and theories
  • Idiotic – foolish or witless
  • Idle – doing nothing
  • Itsy-bitsyused to refer to tiny things like objects or insects 
  • Immortal – the quality of being eternal or ageless 
  • Immobile – unable to move, lacking motion
  • Icebound – totally enshrined in ice 
  • Illegal – forbidden by law
  • Illegible – that which cannot be read clearly
  • Illicit – unlawful or banned
  • Illuminated – lit with bright lights
  • Illusive – deceptive
  • Illustrative serving as an example or explanation.
  • Infernal – Referring to hellish traits or that which resemble the underworld 
  • Intransigent – not willing to accept other’s perspectives 
  • Inclusive – involving everything or everyone, allowing space for the co-existence of many attributes
  • Impartial – Unbiased and showing no preference
  • Innate – Something that naturally exists inside someone or something
  • Inky – relating to the properties of ink 
  • Idolized – admire excessively
  • Idyllic – extremely happy and tranquil
  • Iffy – doubtful
  • Ignited – set on fire
  • Ignored – disregard purposely
  • Imprudent – acting recklessly without caring about the consequence 
  • Indecisive – not being able to make a precise decision
  • Indefatigable – someone who works relentlessly 
  • International – concerning activities between nations and across borders 
  • Incessant – continuing ceaselessly 
  • Insatiable – a voracious need or thirst that cannot be sated 
  • Inefficient – failing to meet the optimal productivity level
  • Intergalactic – concerned with or movement between two or more galaxies 
  • Impending – something threatening to happen
  • Infected – contaminated with harmful organisms
  • Inferior – lower in status or quality
  • Infrequent – occurring rarely
  • Inlaid – a technique used in sculpture-making to adorn objects with embedded pieces of other materials
  • Imperceptible – unnoticeable
  • Imperfect – having defects
  • Imploring – making a desperate appeal
  • Imposed – force on someone
  • Inborn – existing from birth
  • Inclined – a sloping surface
  • Inconsequential – trivial or unimportant
  • Indebted – owing money
  • Inert – unmoving
  • Imprisoned – put in prison
  • Impromptu – done without prior planning
  • Improvised – create or perform spontaneously
  • Impure – adulterated or mixed
  • Inactive – not engaging in any activity
Adjectives that start with I
Adjectives that start with I

Positive adjectives that start with I

  • Impassioned – exhibiting strong emotions or brimming with feelings 
  • Invaluable – priceless, something that is too precious for a value to be attached to it 
  • Illuminating – help in clarifying or explaining something.
  • Imaginative – having or showing creativity or inventiveness
  • Immaculate – spotless, pristine
  • Impeccable – of the highest standard, flawless
  • Impressive – inspiring admiration
  • Inexhaustible – something in abundance that never runs out
  • Iridescent – having a multicolored or rainbow-like appearance 
  • Instrumental – playing an important or vital role 
  • Incredible – unbelievable or impressive 
  • Improvable – having scope for improvement
  • Inarguable – something that cannot be disputed
  • Incorruptible – not prone to corruption, honest
  • Increasing – becoming greater or growing
  • Indestructible – something that cannot be destroyed
  • Indispensable – absolutely necessary
  • Indelible – something that cannot be erased 
  • Incandescent – glowing with heat 
  • Infallible – faultless and incapable of doing wrong 
  • Immense – massive or enormous 
  • Indivisible – unable to be divided or separated
  • Indomitable – impossible to subdue or defeat
  • Indulgent – being generous or lenient with someone
  • Industrious – hard-working
  • Inexpensive – cheap
  • Influential – having great power or influence
  • Intrepid – fearless or undaunted 
  • Inculpable – guiltfree, blameless
  • Inerrant – incapable of being incorrect
  • Intuitional – well-versed in prioritizing emotion or instinct over reason
  • Inventive – exhibiting creativity and originality 
  • Inquisitive – showing an interest in learning new things
  • Inseparable – unable to be separated or treated separately
  • Independent – operating without external control, self-sufficient 
  • Incentivizing – providing encouragement or an incentive 
  • Invigorating – bringing strength, health, and energy to something or someone 
  • Inspirational – something or someone that gives inspiration
  • Instant – right now
  • Instinctive – done instinctually and not consciously
  • Intact – not damaged or impaired in any way
  • Innovator – a pioneer or pathbreaker who paves the way for others 
  • Initiator – an individual or a thing that sets off something 
  • Invincible – too powerful to be beaten
  • Integrated – with various parts or aspects unified or linked
  • Interchangeable – able to be exchanged
  • Intrinsic – essential

Negative adjectives that start with I

  • Inadvisable – unwise
  • Inapplicable – not relevant
  • Inappropriate – unsuitable or unfitting
  • Inarticulate – unable to express oneself
  • Incredulous – disbelieving or unconvinced 
  • Incorrigible – beyond the hope for change or reformation
  • Incommunicable – something that cannot be described to others 
  • Immeasurable – too large to be measured
  • Immodest – lacking decency
  • Immovable – not able to be moved
  • Impassable – blocked or obstructed
  • Ichorous – a blood-coated fluid that oozes from the body 
  • Incapacitated – render motionless, overpowered, completely 
  • Incapable – lacking the ability to do something 
  • Insufferable – too much to bear or endure 
  • Improper – not meeting the accepted standards
  • Inaccessible – out of reach
  • Inaccurate – wrong or faulty
  • Inadequate – deficient or scanty
  • Inadmissible – unacceptable
  • Impish – wicked or devilish in nature 
  • Icy – having cold or ice-like properties 
  • Irresolute – showing hesitancy or uncertainty 
  • Implacable – not able to be pacified or appeased
  • Ill – unwell or in poor health 
  • Impossible – unable to happen or exist
  • Impractical – not sensible or realistic
  • Imprecise – vague or non-specific
  • Improbable – doubtful or debatable
  • Imbecilic – referring to the behavior of imbeciles or stupid people 
  • Impoverished – extremely poor or destitute 
  • Inane – senseless or silly 
  • Illusionary – relating to illusions or something that is deceptive in nature 
  • Inhospitable – unfriendly and uninviting, lacking warmth 
  • Impatient – easily irritated or annoyed
  • Impenetrable – impossible to pass through or enter
  • Impetuous – done quickly and thoughtlessly
  • Implosive – having a tendency to implode
  • Irregular – not having an even or uniform structure 
  • Irresponsible – careless or misguided behavior 
  • Incongruous – something that is out of place or not in harmony 
  • Inattentive – preoccupied or distracted
  • Incompetent – unskilled or unprofessional
  • Insecure – lacking confidence
  • Insignificant – trivial or unimportant
  • Insulting – disrespectful
  • Illogical – unreasonable or groundless
  • Immoral – unethical
  • Impassive – not displaying emotion
  • Impersonal – unprejudiced or unbiased
  • Insensitive – not considering others’ feelings
  • Insipid – tasteless or bland
  • Intolerant – not having tolerance for a view, belief or behavior that is different from one’s own
  • Irate – furious
  • Irreverent – lacking respect
  • Irritable – bad-tempered
  • Ineffectual – not giving the desired effect
  • Indecent – obscene or rude
  • Inflexible – not willing to change or compromise
  • Infuriating – extremely angry

Adjectives that start with I to describe a person

  • Incomparable – His mathematical prowess was incomparable to any of his contemporaries. 
  • Intriguing – A tip to becoming an intriguing person is to always have a book on hand. Knowledge never goes out of style. 
  • Idiosyncratic
  • Irrational – Modern parents are not irrational like old ones. They value their children’s happiness above all else. 
  • Involved – Even though he was dyslexic, he was always involved in the activities in the class with great zeal. 
  • Insincere – My best friend tends to come across as insincere because she has trouble opening up to people.
  • Ignorant – Sofia seemed ignorant at first glance, but she was a cunning schemer.
  • Insistent – The commanding officer was insistent that we report by 6 o’clock.
  • Insurrectional – The police initiated a crackdown on the insurrectional mob.
  • Intelligent – The frailty of genius is that no matter how intelligent you are, you will always desire the company to show off your intellect.
  • Intense – The fitness instructor was pretty intense to deal with – he asked beginners to do hardcore workouts on their first day.
  • Intersex – The author identified as an intersex person and has made a significant contribution to LGBTQ+ literature. 
  • Impactful – Mahatma Gandhi still remains to be an impactful leader whose lessons inspire millions of people around the world. 
  • Idealistic – I grew up reading romance novels which shaped me into an idealistic person who always has her head in the clouds. 
  • Interrogative – Our security guard takes his job too seriously and is thoroughly interrogative of anyone or anything that tries to get through our doors. 
  • Infantile – The rates affecting infantile diseases has significantly reduced due to the advent of medicine.
  • Infatuated – I’ve always been infatuated with the idea of never having a child and spending all my fortune on traveling around the world.
  • Immersive – The writer was famous for creating immersive characters that were rooted in reality and had the ability to pull you into their vividly fantastical worlds. 
  • Irresistible – I fell in love with her at first sight. She possessed an irresistible charm, and I was all too happy to give in. 
  • Impolite – Impolite students of today who are left unchecked turn into extremely rude adults. 
  • Indiscreet – Peter moved like a cat about to catch its prey: indiscreet and lithe.
  • Indiscriminate – The patient was admonished for his indiscriminate use of sleeping pills.
  • Individualistic – Western populations are characterized by individualistic goals, whereas Asian ones give priority to a collective lifestyle.
  • Ireful – The ireful persona of my father was enough to send my heart flying to my stomach. 
  • Imperial – Queen Elizabeth II lives on as an unforgettable personality among British imperial figures. 
  • Identical – She was blessed with identical triplets after waiting for years
  • Introspective
  • Individual – Every individual in the club was encouraged to voice out their opinions. 
  • Intimate – Emily Dickinson and her best friend Sue had an intimate friendship that was often speculated to be something more by literary experts. 
  • Impulsive – I’m quite impulsive when it comes to splurging on retail therapy after a bad day.
  • Improving – It’s okay if you fall down. What matters is that you get back up, try again and keep improving. 
  • Infamous – The CEO was infamous for money laundering and duping millions of his customers. 
  • Ingenious – The scientist came up with an ingenious test that could detect a rare type of cancer in babies.
  • Innovative – The founding father of the brand is hailed as an innovative pioneer in the field of Swiss haute horology.
  • Inquisitorial – Her chilly, inquisitorial voice scared the poor child.

Example sentences using adjectives that start with “I”

  • Aziraphale and Crowley from the hit drama Good Omens are lovingly called the “ineffable husbands” by fans because they are eccentric individuals with great chemistry. 
  • The insolent child refused to leave the supermarket until his mom bought him an expensive Spiderman suit. 
  • Sherlock Holmes’s intellectual and enigmatic persona is what has made him the most famous fictional detective in the world. 
  • She had an intricate eye for detail, which made her the best-skilled fashion designer in her field. 
  • The librarian loved her job and never ran out of recommendations to give to the children. They all thought she was the most interesting person in the school. 
  • The headmistress had an intimidating demeanor and an icy personality that was not to be trifled with. 
  • The mother felt indescribable joy to be holding the newborn in her arms. 
  • The three ignoble brothers had a rough upbringing and turned to thievery to feed themselves. 
  • In ancient times, there was nothing more inglorious than a woman who had a child out of wedlock. 
  • My father is driven by inductive reasoning rather than emotion, as he is a rational person.  
  • There was something abnormal about her angry outbursts. Her violently inciting and explosive episodes bordered on hysteria. 
  • Since I was a newbie at my job, I was made to deal with the most irritating customers who talked for hours on end. 
  • A good way to handle irksome students is by making them class monitors to instill a sense of responsibility in them. 
  • Public speaking is not a career where introverted people can thrive. They excel more in creative fields that require back-end jobs.  
  • Unlike my siblings, I am a sound sleeper who is luckily impervious to the loudest of noises.  
  • Children were rushed to the hospital after a local monkeypox outbreak with complaints of itchy skin and suspicious lesions.  
  • The criminal targeted impressionable teens and made them sell drugs by enticing them with lucrative promises.  
  • The old man was incoherent after the accident, even though he suffered no injuries. 
  • I have an outstanding work-life balance, and I rarely get stressed out. Both areas of my life are disconnected from each other, and I am indifferent to any external pressure. 
  • I tried to prove that I was innocent and had no hand in the domestic drama brewing in the family, but my parents still blamed me. 
  • The old man who lived at the edge of the hill seemed scary, but he was an innocuous beekeeper who loved handing out jars of honey to the kids. 
  • The intruder was inconspicuous and hid among the furniture in plain sight. 
  • I decided the only way to avoid my toxic ex-boyfriend was to lead an incognito existence and delete all my social media accounts.  
  • The police nabbed the convict based on his identifiable tattoos described by the witnesses. 
  • I wish I had the courage to tell my family I loved inspiring people and wanted to become a political leader but sadly, they wanted me to take over the family business. 
  • The psychiatrist who delivered a lecture to the university was highly insightful and raised awareness of the importance of mental health and preventing student suicides. 
  • After living in the woods for a week without showering, I was starting to feel icky.  
  • Illegal encroachment of land in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands has led to the loss of habitat for indigenous people and endangered tribes.
  • No one expected that the King’s illegitimate son would one day sit on the throne. 
  • The Korean supergroup BTS has emerged as an iconic and irrefutable example of Asian representation in mainstream pop culture of the 21st century.
  • My great-grandmother was soon becoming insane and constantly waking up due to her hallucinations. 

Adjectives that start with “I” (images)

Adjectives that start with I
Adjectives that start with I
Adjectives that start with I
Adjectives that start with I
Adjectives that start with I
Adjectives that start with I

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