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Big List of Adjectives That Start With Q (Positive, Negative, Descriptive)

What are adjectives that start with “Q?” In English, there are very few words with the letter “Q”, even rare are adjectives that start with the letter. Many believe that there are not many commonly used adjectives that begin with q. But surprisingly, the list of such adjectives is quite long. It is always better to be familiar with the less common words just in case they are necessary.

So let’s get to it!

Adjectives that start with Q
Adjectives that start with Q

List of adjectives that start with “Q”

  • Quack- Refers to unconventional methods of medical treatment that do not always work.
  • Qabalistic- It means cryptic symbols or messages that usually carry a hidden meaning.
  • Quadrangular- The term defines a structure or building with four sides. 
  • Quadruped- Used for describing animals with four feet.
  • Quadratic- Mathematical term used for calculating the square of a variable.
  • Quadraphonic- It refers to a sound system with speakers placed in different corners of a room. The word typically defines a four-channel sound system.
  • Quadrilateral- One-dimensional shape containing four straight sides.
  • Quaint- old-fashioned or unusual in a pleasing manner.
  • Quaquaversal- Directed outwards from a central point.
  • Quodlibetical- Some kind of question posed extemporaneously. 
  • Quadricostate- Having four ribs.
  • Quadrifoil- Plants characterized by leaves in whorls of four.
  • Quaggy- Term used for describing marsh-like or boggy land.
  • Qualitative- Measure of quality and not quantity.
  • Quadratojugal- Term that defines small membrane bone connecting jugal bones and quadrate.
  • Quinic- It refers to a specific type of acidic compound.
  • Quintan- Feverish condition that occurs every fifth day.
  • Qualified- Satisfying certain conditions or requirements.
  • Quality- outstanding, excellent, keeping up with very high standards.
  • Quantifiable- To be measured or determined.
  • Queenlimke- Royal treatment suitable for a queen.
  • Quenched- satisfying one’s thirst.
  • Quarterly- Event that takes place every quarter of the year.
  • Quarrelsome- Ready to quarrel.
  • Queen-size- A term used for describing a particular size like a bed or plus-size pantyhose.
  • Quasi- Close resemblance with something without being similar.
  • Queasy- suffering from nausea.
  • Quadruple- Having four different units and dividing a building or compound into separate force sections.
  • Quercitannic- An acidic compound commonly obtained from the leaves and bark of an oak tree.
  • Queer- Unlike the ordinary, it is usually a slang term used to define homos#xuals.
  • Quenchless- Inability to stop or hold back.
  • Questionable- Something of poor quality or inaccurate.
  • Querulous- Full of complaint, always looking for faults.
  • Quick- Swift or rapid.
  • Quickest- Very speedy or fastest
  • Quite- motionless, calm, still.
  • Quick-witted- Ability to respond quickly, accurately, and effectively.
  • Quicksilver- Sudden movement or change that is rapid and unpredictable.
  • Quiescent- Inactive or dormant state.
  • Quirky- Having unusual mannerisms or traits.
  • Quintessential- The most perfect representation of something
  • Quilted- made like a quilt.
  • Quick-tempered- easy to angry.
  • Quotidian- something that happens every day.
  • Quotable- Suitable for quoting or quotation.
  • Quadrisonic- The word defines the effect of sound coming from four directions.
  • Quondam- Of an older time.
  • Quixotic- Impractical, foolishly idealistic. Quizzical- Questioning or perplexed.
  • Quintuple- Something that contains five units or parts.
  • Quinquefolia- Term used for describing a plant with five leaves.
  • Quick-acting- Taking action immediately.
  • Querulous- Always ready to quarrel.
  • Quizzical- Strange or oddly amusing.
  • Quivering- Shaking or trembling with rapid motion.
  • Quiescent- Term used for describing a period of inactivity.
Adjectives that start with Q
Adjectives that start with Q

Descriptive adjectives that start with Q

“Q” has always been a letter of the alphabet family as it can hardly stand at the start of a word without “u”. Perhaps it is the reason adjectives beginning with q are very limited. The following section includes a list of some of the adjectives starting with q.

  • Quick-sighted- Having the ability to judge accurately.
  • Quantifiable- Things that can be measured or qualified.
  • Quiet some- Still or undisturbed.
  • Qualitied- Fitted or endowed with qualities.
  • Quixotic- Extravagantly romantic

Positive adjectives that start with Q

There is no denying the fact that Q is the least-used letter in English. However, the following sections contain a list of positive adjectives that starts with the letter Q.

  • Qualified- Keeping up with certain standards or requirements.
  • Quick-witted- Mentally alert or quick in participation.
  • Quirky- Having unexpected or peculiar characteristics.
  • Quick-thinking- The act of taking decisions fast, particularly in difficult situations.
  • Queenly- Something appropriate for the queen.
  • Quintessential- Representing the most perfect or appropriate example of class.
  • Negative adjectives that start with Q
  • For developing a strong vocabulary one should be familiar with uncommon adjectives as well. Following is a list of negative adjectives that begin with the letter Q. 
  • Quash- Invalid legal procedure
  • Quandary- State of uncertainty or perplexity in a difficult situation.
  • Quitter- A person who does not have the courage or determination of finishing a task.
  • Questionable- Doubtful of the truth or validity.
  • Qualm- Feeling uneasy about own conduct.
  • Queer- Something odd.
  • Quibble- Objection or criticism on a trivial case.
Adjectives that start with Q
Adjectives that start with Q

Adjectives that start with Q to describe a person

Although adjective words starting with Q are very rare, some can be used for describing traits of a person.

  • Quenched
  • Questioning
  • Queer
  • Quick
  • Quixotic
  • Quizzical
  • Querulous
  • Queasy
  • Quaint
  • Quiet

Example sentences using adjectives that start with “Q”

  • Mr. Sharma is highly qualified for this role.
  • His quirky sense of humor was every day during the performance and became a favorite among the fans.
  • My grandfather remains a highly quotable look in the family.
  • The military man was the quintessential self-contained and tough individual.
  • The quick thinking of the driver avoided a major mishap.
  • She was always distinguishable from others in the group for her queenly characteristics.
  • The building has been quiescent for decades and is now completely demolished.
  • Going out for an evening walk is a quotidian event for elderly persons.
  • The musicians developed a quadraphonic performance area to match the acoustics.
  • We organize a meeting of the committee members quarterly every year.
  • The seminar will focus on the quantitative analysis of factors responsible for damaging the environment.
  • The stage for tonight’s event is a simple quadripartite arrangement.
  • The boy is from a quaint little town on the outskirts of India.
  • A library should always be a quiet place.
  • The wall looked appealing with the quadrilateral patterns all over it.
  • The athlete managed to qualify for the finals even after a serious injury.
  • The teacher is very quemeful with all her students.
  • Her life was saved by the quick thinking of the doctor.
  • His voice was genuinely questioning, and she was happy to have a choice to opt-out.
  • The quack merchants who used to sell poor-quality items never came to the village again.
  • The child became very demanding and querulous.
  • The boy stumbled into a quagmire of his deeds.
  • He is quick-tempered, which is seen when he is upset.
  • The man spent his entire life with a quixotic code of honor.
  • She was growing pale and qualmish but grieved in silence.
  • The behavior of the man seemed queer at the event.
  • My mother feels queasy when traveling by boat.
  • The expectations from the project are quite questionable.
  • The professor gave me a quizzical look.
  • If the ground underneath a building is quaggy, it will shake with every step.
  • The desire was burning in her heart with quenchless ardors.
  • Qabalistic social activists that believe they are contributing towards the progression must think twice.
  • The boy squinted up at his friend and spoke with a quivering tone.
  • Hot steel is quenched during the hardening process.
  • The suspect confessed after several hours of questioning.
  • When the man entered the hall, his deep and querulous voice was heard.
  • Pets need to be quarantined for a few days before flying to a new place.
  • No sound system can produce the quadraphonic effect from the sound.
  • The customers were given a quick fix for the issue by the technicians.
  • The sacrifices of a brave person can be juxtaposed with quirky moments.
  • The old lady’s voice sounded quivery.
  • His quick-acting saved the organization from a bigger loss.
  • Only a quick-minded individual can handle such tricky situations.
  • They asked the students to stay quiet when giving the lecture.
  • Qatari women usually cover themselves completely when appearing in public.
  • The corner of her mouth quirked on hearing the good news.
  • The professor demonstrated why the quasi-velocity spectrum is not suitable for calculating blasting vibration.
  • Quickset labels provide easy access to information about a product.
  • Quadrifid graph interval shows related performance indicators for improving performance.

The above section gives a list of adjectives starting with the letter Q. For an easier understanding of the readers, the list has been divided into different categories. It is also useful for understanding positive and negative uses of adjectives with definitions and example sentences.

Adjectives that start with “Q” (images)

Adjectives that start with Q
Adjectives that start with Q
Adjectives that start with Q
Adjectives that start with Q
Adjectives that start with Q
Adjectives that start with Q

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