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Big List of Positive Words That Start With X (Short, Long, Descriptive)

Looking for positive words that start with X? The letter X may not be on the top of your list when you think of a word that starts with any English alphabet. However, there are quite a few positive words that start with the alphabet X. There are some nice words ranging from xystus to XO.

If you are wondering what those positive words that start with X are, you have come to the right place. These fabulous positive words that begin with X will certainly help you to beat a scrabble partner and leave them stunned.

Positive words that start with X
Positive words that start with X

Positive words that start with X

Coming to know these superb positive words starting with X will take your language and vocabulary to another level altogether. Of course, it is true that X is one of the most uncommon alphabets in the English language.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that although X is an uncommon letter, there are quite a few positive words that begin with this alphabet. So, let us now take a look at some of these words below:

1. Xenophile

The word refers to a liking for foreign things. Some of its synonyms include anti-racism.

2. Xiexie

The word is used to give thanks to someone as an appreciation. Its synonyms are thank and thank you.

3. Xenodochial

It means being courteous to strangers. Some synonyms of this word are xenodochy and xenodochium.

4. Xenium

The word is a signal sending presents among ancient Romans and Greeks. Its synonyms are offering and present.

Short positive words that start with X

There are many short positive words that begin with the letter X. Knowledge and use of such words will puzzle your listeners and readers.


It is used to describe those people in South African who traditionally reside in Eastern Cape. Other synonyms of Xhosa are countrymen and ciilian. 

Example: She met a Xhosa while traveling to Eastern Cape.


The word XO is used to send kisses and hugs to someone. The word can be used to send your kind regards or best regards to a person you are fond of.

Example: She replied xo when her boyfriend asked whether she loved him.


The word means very dry and its synonyms are crisp and wizened.

Example: They found the pizza xero from all the ends.


X-ray is defined as a phenomenon to observe under the objects. A few synonyms are radiograph and radiogram.

Example: The staff performed an x-ray of his legs.


The word refers to an expert programmer. Other words to describe Xper are an engineer or a computer expert.

Example: She looks like an xper among the group.

Long positive words that start with X

In this section, we will cover some of the long positive words that begin with X.


The word means a wood seller and its synonyms are a trader or merchant.

Example: Xylopolists can make some amazing furniture to make your home look beautiful.


The word means cotton but its synonyms include cloth and wool.

Example: The Xilinous industry is a thriving one at present.


The word is used to describe a strong yearning for change. Its synonyms are eager and diverse.

Example: Being xenacious enables you to discover and experiment with your abilities.


Xaroncharoo means exceptional or brilliant.

Example: The scientist was a xaroncharoo and he proved it again by designing an incredibly intelligent robot.


It means incorporating foreign influence in a language. The synonyms of this interesting word are immigrant and foreigner.

Example: The French rule witnessed plenty of Xenization in English language.

Verbs that start with X

There are only a handful of verbs in English language, which begin with X. As the letter X is a consonant, there are hardly any verb beginning with it. The letter does not have any distinctive sound in the language. Check out some of the verbs that begin with this alphabet.


It refers to making a print from a wood engraving. The word also means chiselling or engraving.

Example: She was found xylographing in the forest.


The word is used for performing a tissue graft between two species. Its synonyms are graft and transplant.

Example: The researcher is tied up with xenografting a guineapig into a half-lizard.


To create a paper copy via a photocopier. Synonyms of this popular word are reprint, duplicate, or photocopy.

Example: Anne, can you xerox this document as soon as possible?


The word is used to cross out with the alphabet X. Its synonyms are delete and cross out.

Example: It is better to X-out all those employees’ names who have resigned.

Adjectives that start with X

What will happen if someone asks you to name some adjectives, which begin with the letter X? You might be at a loss for words though many such words do exist. Check out some adjectives that start with X below.

Xenophobic: One who is incredibly scared of strangers or foreigners.

Xenogenic: Refers to originate from a foreign object inserted into an organism.

Xerophilous: Able to thrive in a dry and hot climate like some animals and plants.

Xeric: Adjusted to a dry environment

Xanthous: Pertaining to people with auburn, light brown or yellowish hair/yellow in color.

Xanthic: Yellowish or yellow in color. The adjective also refers to something related to the compound xanthine.

Nouns that start with X

Typically, nouns that begin with the English alphabet X pertain to chemical and scientific terms. These words may not be a part of our daily regime always.


The word refers to yellowish plaques, which can be mostly seen close to the eyelid’s inner canthus. The plaques can be found more often on an upper lid as compared to the lower lid. Its synonyms are fatty deposits on an eyelid or fatty deposit on skin around the eyes.

Example: The best treatment for Xanthelasma is by curing the problem of blood fat through medications, diet, and exercise.


It refers to a natural water-soluble gum. The gum is produced when sugar is fermented with some microorganisms. Xanthan’s synonyms are extender and binder.

Example: Maize is the origin of Xanthan or E415.


It is a conventional music instrument with one to five strings originating in West Africa. The synonyms of Xalam are Koliko, hoddu, diassare, and bappe.

Example: Many people play the xalam in Mali.


It is procured as a white-colored crystalline substance and derivative of xanthic acid. Some synonyms of this word are C2H5O.CS.NH2 and xanthogen amide.

Example: Several chemical experiments use Xanthamide.

Cool and positive words that start with X

By now, it is evident that X is not an easy alphabet letter for starting words in the English language. However, there are certain words that begin with X, and you will come across some of them below:


The word is primarily used in science fiction. It is the scientific study of alien cultures, biology, etc.


Refers to sword-shaped.


A specific species of an alien from the motion picture “Aliens.”


Long portico athletes used in ancient Greece for their exercise.


It is a musical instrument people play by striking a line of wooden bars with at least one small plastic or wooden beater.


The word describes a primitive image of an ancient Greek deity.

Positive words that start with X to describe a person


The word is used for a person who cuts wood. Its synonyms are carver and woodcutter.

Example: Joseph is a professional xylotomous who is an expert in carving beautiful wooden frames.


The word is used to indicate extreme enjoyment of something. The synonyms of Xaern are fancy and admire.

Example: She started to xaern the board game recently.


The word xenagogue refers to a tour guide, and its synonyms are escort and cicerone.

Example: A xenagogue met us at the arrival gate of the airport.


The word refers to having a good relationship; its synonyms are cordial and friendly.

Example: The staff at the hospital were extremely xenial whenever we visited the facility.


The definition of X-factor is something that makes a person stand out. Its synonyms are talent and uniqueness.

Example: She has that x-factor for alluring others all the time.

Example sentences using positive words that start with X

1.    Samuel is a xenophile who loves collecting foreign stuff.

2.    Giving a smile to even unknown people is a xenodochial signal.

3.    In ancient Rome and Greece, people offered a xenium to strangers, as well as guests.

Positive words that start with X (images)

Positive words that start with X
Positive words that start with X

Other positive word lists

Other lists of positive words:


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