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Big List of Positive Words That Start With P (Short, Long, Descriptive)

Looking for positive words that start with P? The letter P gives us an array of positive words. The word positive itself begins with P. Depending on their context, many of these words can be used as nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Let’s look at some words beginning with P and their uses in a sentence.

Positive words that start with P

  • Pretty
  • Popular
  • Pleasant
  • Pure
  • Patriarch
  • Phoenix
  • Party
Positive words that start with P
Positive words that start with P

Short positive words that start with P

Following are the short positive words that start with P.


  • Meaning: Appealingly small and dainty.
  • Example: She looked petite and charming.


  • Meaning: An unadulterated, unblended product
  • Example: The scarf was made of pure silk.


  • Meaning: Devoted, religious
  • Example: His wife was a pious woman.


  • Meaning: Main, high-quality, or best.
  • Example: A doctor gives prime importance to his patients’ health.


  • Meaning: Expensive, costly
  • Example: She always wears pricey clothes and accessories.


  • Meaning: A splendid and grandiose display.
  • Example: He used to celebrate his birthday with great pomp and splendor every year.


  • Meaning: Liveliness, energy and high spirits
  • Example: He was full of pep, always raring to go.
Positive words that start with P
Positive words that start with P

Long positive words that start with P


  • Meaning: A place that is visually attractive.
  • Example: Sri Lanka has numerous picturesque beaches.


  • Meaning: Something that is approved and deserves praise
  • Example: The hard work put in by the student was praiseworthy.


  • Meaning: Something so important that its value cannot be determined.
  • Example: The museum exhibited priceless works of art.


  • Meaning: Determined, firm, working towards a firm goal.
  • Example: She was known to always promote purposeful activities.


  • Meaning: Extensive admiration or respect given to someone or something due to their achievements or quality.
  • Example: The company has managed to gain international prestige within a short period.


  • Meaning: Determination to do something despite delays
  • Example: His perseverance has paid off in the long run.

Positive verbs that start with P

Verbs signify an action or happening. Verbs can be action verbs, linking verbs or helping verbs.


  • Meaning: To glorify, express admiration or approval.
  • Example: The boy was praised for his brave act of rescuing his friends from the sea.


  • Meaning: Conserve something in its natural state.
  • Example: He had preserved his ancestral house beautifully.


  • Meaning: Potential, aptitude, excellence
  • Example: She displayed great promise even as a junior doctor.


  • Meaning: Encourage, advance or upgrade.
  • Example: The regulation is meant to promote healthy competition among companies.


  • Meaning: Safeguard from harm or injury.
  • Example: Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays.


  • Meaning: Supply for use or preparation for an event.
  • Example: The hospital provides good service for senior citizens.

Positive adjectives that start with P

Positive adjectives that start with P:


  • Meaning: restful, calm, at peace
  • Example: Life on the island is peaceful.


  • Meaning: The ability to wait without complaining
  • Example: He waited patiently for her at the restaurant.


  • Meaning: Women who are cheerful, lively, or bubbly.
  • Example: The perky girl lit up the party.


  • Meaning: Something enjoyable, agreeable, or satisfying.
  • Example: It was a pleasant evening spent in the company of friends and good food.


  • Meaning: Well-mannered, courteous, civil
  • Example: He was extremely polite with his kids.


  • Meaning: Something or someone visually attractive.
  • Example: The little girl looked pretty in her red dress.


  • Meaning: That which is considered valuable or important
  • Example: A watch gifted by her father was among her prized possessions.


  • Meaning: Genuine, correct, or suitable
  • Example: He never had a proper house to call his own.


  • Meaning: Someone who is generous or charitable.
  • Example: He immersed himself in philanthropic activities after his retirement.


  • Meaning: Shiny, gleaming, smooth, accomplished, or skillful
  • Example: He displayed a polished performance in the movie.


  • Meaning: Valuable, expensive, high priced.
  • Example: She loved the precious crockery gifted by her mother-in-law.


  • Meaning: Ideal, having all the required qualities, faultless
  • Example: She was the perfect daughter, wife, and mother.


  • Meaning: Exceptionally good or remarkable.
  • Example: She impressed everyone with her phenomenal dancing skills.


  • Meaning: Unspoiled, in original condition with no flaws
  • Example: The pristine beaches are a sight for sore eyes.


  • Meaning: Encouraging, someone with a lot of potential or a bright future.
  • Example: He was a promising athlete.


  • Meaning: An intimate or affectionate non-sexual relationship.
  • Example: Their relationship was purely platonic.


  • Meaning: Something that resembles a palace in terms of space and splendor.
  • Example: She lived in a palatial house.


  • Meaning: Critical, essential, Extremely important, or life-changing.
  • Example: Healthcare professionals played a pivotal role in the fight against coronavirus.


  • Meaning: Flourishing financially, wealthy.
  • Example: Singapore is among the most prosperous cities in the world.


  • Meaning: People who look good in photographs.
  • Example: She is extremely photogenic.

Positive nouns that start with P

A noun is used to explain a place, thing, person, or thought. Listed below are some nouns that begin with P and evoke a positive feeling.


  • Meaning: Heaven, fairyland, or idyllic place or setting.
  • Example: The fresh air and scenic countryside are a walkers paradise.


  • Meaning: Calm, tranquility
  • Example: Amidst all the chaos, she longed to drink a cup of coffee in peace.


  • Meaning: Top, pinnacle, heights
  • Example: They reached the mountain peak after trekking for many days.


  • Meaning: Pleasure, joy, and satisfaction from one’s own achievements.
  • Example: She took great pride in her paintings.


  • Meaning: Character, celebrity
  • Example: The little girl’s sparkling personality stood out in the classroom.


  • Meaning: Advantage
  • Example: Knowing the local language is a definite plus while visiting a country.


  • Meaning: Occurrence, event, sensation, or miracle.
  • Example: The band became a phenomenon among the youth.


  • Meaning: The feeling of happiness, delight, or pleasure
  • Example: He beamed with pleasure on hearing his praise.


  • Meaning: Availability in large quantities, opulence, prosperity or wealth.
  • Example: There was plenty of food on the table.


  • Meaning: Abundance, profusion or wealth.
  • Example: The blessings from the ancient god were believed to bestow a plenitude of wealth.


  • Meaning: Financial gain
  • Example: He made a neat profit from the sale of his land.


  • Meaning: Offspring, children, followers, or descendants.
  • Example: Many progenies of immigrants have achieved great success in America.

Cool words that start with P

There are some cool words that start with P. Some of these words can be used to slightly admonish a person without sounding offensive.


  • Meaning: Flamboyant confidence or style.
  • Example: She has such panache.


  • Meaning: A great combination of glamour and vitality.
  • Example: He has such pizzazz that makes him attractive to young girls.


  • Meaning: Nonsense, garbage
  • Example: He keeps sprouting piffle.


  • Meaning: Abundance of something.
  • Example: He has a plethora of clothes.


  • Meaning: Blather, Nonsense
  • Example: She keeps talking poppycock.


  • Meaning: Grandiose way of describing someone who is physically beautiful or attractive.
  • Example: People admired the pulchritudinous brunette as she entered the party.

Positive words that start with P to describe a person

The following words beginning with P are used to describe the positive attributes of an individual. Most of these words are adjectives that can be used for both genders.


  • Meaning: Possessing tremendous power or strength.
  • Example: He was a powerful leader who inspired his people with his work.


  • Meaning: Nationalist, having devotion and support for one’s country.
  • Example: The patriotic crowd cheered for their home team.


  • Meaning: Extremely distinguished, leaving all others behind.
  • Example: He was among the world’s preeminent experts in microbiology.


  • Meaning: Composed, elegant, self-assured
  • Example: She appeared perfectly poised despite her personal problems.


  • Meaning: Encouraging someone with a lot of potential or a bright future.
  • Example: He was a promising athlete.


  • Meaning: Famous, important, well-known, or protruding.
  • Example: The passing away of a prominent leader hurt the community very much.


  • Meaning: Competent or skilled at something.
  • Example: He was proficient in his job as a driver.


  • Meaning: Productive, inventive or creative.
  • Example: He was a prolific writer well known for his sense of humor.


  • Meaning: High-spirited, fun, lighthearted
  • Example: The kids loved their playful teacher.


  • Meaning: An agreeable or likable person
  • Example: The boy was very personable and well-spoken.


  • Meaning: A young person with exceptional qualities or genius.
  • Example: The parents were proud of their child prodigy.


  • Meaning: Showing courage while facing adversities
  • Example: The plucky teenager fought off the robbers who entered her home.

Positive words that start with P (images)

Positive words that start with P
Positive words that start with P
Positive words that start with P
Positive words that start with P

Other positive word lists

Other lists of positive words:


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