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Health Care vs. Healthcare—Which is Correct? (Grammar + Examples)

Is it healthcare or health care? Even though health care and healthcare have varied meanings depending on the context, there are various instances where the curiosities of these two terms have led to the wrong usage of one term in another sentence. There may be a slight predilection for using this phrase in certain areas. But since many people search for this term on the internet, many get it wrong due to confusion in word similarities.

Wherever these terms are used, they present quite different meanings to each other. let’s have a look into this:

Healthcare vs health care
Healthcare vs health care

Healthcare or Health Care: Which is Correct?

Healthcare is a single word. Any organizations, facilities, and pursuits involved in delivering medical facilities and care are known as healthcare. In broader term, both activity and systems are involved here, but it excludes any individual or group offering medical services.

While healthcare involves a system, in the case of health care, there is no role of any system, facility, or organization. Thus, it provides maximum care for patients.

Healthcare, mainly used in the US or Canada, differs from health care which is used in UK English.

Is it correct to spell “Health Care” in two words?

There has always been a common confusion among many about whether to use the term health care as one word or as two separate words. Well, it can be spelled as two different words but only in the context of medical care being provided by a person in the form of medicines or exercises.

Health care, though, can be expressed as a noun and an adjective. It would be completely wrong to use it in terms of industry.

Do you use capital letters when using healthcare and health care?

Since both terms health care and healthcare are nouns, it is not recommended to use capital letters to describe them. Only if you are using these terms in context of hospitals can these be capitalized.

As an example:

  • SWAK Health care Inc.
  • Homely Healthcare doc.
  • India’s healthcare Inc.

Examples of nouns and adjectives used in the case of healthcare and health care

There is no denying the fact that these two health-related terms can be used both as a noun and adjectives. Here are some examples:

Health care:

Its usage as Noun:

1) I have devised a health-care strategy for my patient.

2) Patients’ and providers’ emphasis on preventive health care will promote health as well as life quality.

3) The major percentage of their patient’s health care is offered by RNs in this service.

As Adjective:

1) With coming year, health-care services have become a lot costlier and more specialized.

2) The new patients admitted in this medical ward have a lot more health care requirements than any other patient.


Usage as Noun:

1) She dreams of working in a famous healthcare one day.

2) Over the course of the 20th century, the number and types of people involved in healthcare grew a lot.

3) To be effective and successful, modern healthcare requires both qualified clinicians and sophisticated, seasoned business experts.

Usage as an Adjective:

1) Because of the high demand for population analytics and adequate electronic health record (EHR) systems, the healthcare IT business has been flourishing.

2) Healthcare systems have been facing many flaws in its working, so there is an urgent need for reform in this sector.

3) The enormous growth of the healthcare finance sector is attracting a lot of former Wall Street experts.

Healthcare vs health care in a sentence (examples)

Health care:

1) European citizens may as well have to show their ID cards to receive health care.

2) They should be trained to inquire about their health from health care providers.

3) This disease can prove to be fatal if you don’t seek immediate health care.

4) A hospital staff should have a nurse for their every shift, and a health care assistant, who can also cover up as a nurse in emergency.


1) Compared to other healthcare professionals, hospital physicians with less seniority frequently work extremely long shifts and take their days off during the week rather than on the weekends.

2) While practicing as a surgeon in any hospital, you should also know how to communicate with other healthcare professionals of that hospital.

3) Miss. Susan Ricardo, Surgeon Susan Ricardo is a self-employed healthcare professional and practices at her clinic.

4) The business hires a physician to make monthly site visits and offer free primary healthcare to nearby youngsters.


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