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Types of Writing (Styles, Examples, 13 Key Tones)

Writing eloquently is more than simply mastering proper grammar. It means being comfortable with writing in different styles. The writing style denotes the way in which a writer arranges the words and expresses their thoughts. This also affects how the readers understand a text. The writing style is determined by factors like the topic of discussion and the intended audience.

Types of writing
Types of writing

The different types of writing include the following

Narrative writing

This form of writing is used to express the imagination of the writer. It is used in both fiction, as well as non-fiction. The author, rather than simply stating rote facts, weaves a beautiful story using the information. It is usually used in narrative journalism, autobiographies, biographies, novels, and short stories.

Descriptive writing

This style of writing is used by authors to paint a picture for the reader about the product or place or anything else they are writing about. Writers can use first-person, second-person, or third-person POV in this style. Literary devices like simile and metaphor are widely used in this style.

Persuasive writing

This style of writing is used in academic or business settings. The author uses this style to convince the reader of an idea or proposal. Reasons, justifications, and conclusive proof are also extensively used in this style to provide credibility to the paper or document.

Expository writing

Expository writing concentrates on researching a specific topic and presenting the facts. In this style, the authors will examine a topic in-depth and develop it using facts and evidence. The authors do not try to convince the reader about anything, as seen in the persuasive style. Rather, the author presents the information and lets the reader make inferences.

Business writing

This style is used by authors to convey a notion or an idea for internal use and occasionally for use by the public. Usually, the style used by the writer is in accordance with the company guide. The writers take notes about company policies from higher-level managers or executives and convert them into business plans for the entire team. This style is also used while creating company manifestos, presentations, or pitch decks.

Technical writing

This style of writing is used to explain some complex topics to a general audience. The complexity of the style typically depends on the expertise level of the readers. The writer needs to have a high level of subject knowledge to successfully use this style.

Scientific writing

This style is usually used for writing grant proposals, peer-reviewed articles, and literature reviews. The author provides evidence as well as citations to support their claims in the documents. Objectivity, accuracy, and precision are the defining features of this style of writing.

Content writing

This style encompasses a wide variety of writing, including writing articles, blog posts, guides, and e-books. Content writing also focuses on producing SEO-optimized or keyword-enriched articles in a number of niches. This kind of writing is generally done to increase the traffic to a website organically.


Copywriting is the practice of playing with words to persuade a target market to purchase the goods and services of a company. Copywriting can be used to create copy for email funnels, websites, and sales pages. It is similar to content writing, but the copy should be more engaging and to the point. They should also always have a sales angle.

Critical writing

This style of writing is a subjective form of writing and is presented from the author’s perspective. Film reviews are a common form of critical writing. In this, the reviewer watches a movie and provides an analysis of it for the general public.

Diary writing

This form of writing is extremely personal and very rarely shared with the outside world. A writer keeps a journal to record happenings in their life as well as emotions. Many authors also use this as a way to vent their emotions. Diary writing can also be used to cope with negative emotions such as remorse, regret, fear, jealousy, grief, and sadness. The diaries of many famous people, like Anne Frank, have been published, inspiring millions of people worldwide.

Travel writing

Travel writers describe their experiences when exploring a location for their readers. It also celebrates the customs and traditions of different places around the world. Travel writing is aimed at helping readers understand different locations and the people living there. It will also help readers plan their trip to the said location. Travel memoirs, travel guidebooks, and nature writing are all part of travel literature.


In this type of writing, the authors usually focus on a particular niche they like, especially something a wider audience will love to read about. Blogs are written in electronic media, and this style of writing usually involves keyword research and SEO optimization.

Poetry writing

In this style of writing, the author or poet uses words to create imagery in the minds of people. The goal of most poems is to evoke some form of emotional response from the reader. This is a form of creative writing that uses literary devices like simile and metaphor. Poetry can be either freeform without any formal structure, or highly structured, adhering to the rules of meter and rhythm.


Is content writing and copywriting the same?

Content writing and copywriting are similar but slightly different. Content writing is used to describe a product or give information about something, whereas copywriting is focused on pitching a product to the customers. Content writing is focused on giving general information about the product, whereas copywriting is more focused on the sales angle.

How do authors choose the best writing style for any document?

The authors first consider the style guide provided by the publication agency. The target audience is also considered when choosing the writing style. The authors should also consider how the document might educate, inform, motivate, or amuse readers.

How can writing styles be improved?

An author can improve their writing style by:

  • understanding the concept
  • using straightforward words
  • writing short paragraphs
  • ditching adverbs
  • avoiding fillers
  • occasionally using qualifiers
  • proofreading
  • practicing writing relentlessly.


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