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Website or Web Site? Which is Correct? (Grammar + Examples)

Is it website or web site? As elders always say, be mindful when it comes to your words. Because words can change the world. Great revered icons like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi, and Gauthama Buddha have proved that words can change how we perceive the world. However, the world of words is a big treacherous maze.

As puzzling as it may seem, word learning or building is a constant growing skill. Historical institutions, universities, and even the constitution of every country abide earnestly. Everything in the world is made up of words. So it is evident that having a keen knowledge of words is important.

Speaking of, has it ever crossed your mind what’s correct: website or web site? In a world driven by the internet and web, there is no need to emphasize o how important it is to stay updated with the correct spellings. Especially, when it comes to sharing our virtual lives with Google and Facebook.

Is it web site, website, or web-site? 

Tech savvies often fumble when it comes to drafting a CV where the word “website” is to be written. This constant tribulation is because there are multiple sources that support both the words website and web site. Professionals working in the Internet communications and Web development disciplines have often deliberated about which word is the right word to use.

While many chose to follow the google way which is “website” the latter part preferred hyphenating the words together as “web-site” to avoid any form of mistake. Additionally, there also seems to be a lot of debate on whether to capitalize the W on the website or not. Here are some examples of how the web site is used across the world.

Website or web site
Website or web site

Examples of how the website is widely in use: 

  1. Website
  2. Web Site
  3. Website
  4. Web site
  5. WebSite

Here’s the correct word for the website:

It’s time to unveil the mystery of the “website” word formatting. 

Since we live in a web-driven world, especially Google, it is safe to embrace the “website” as Google seems precise about it.

Additionally, renowned grammar websites like Grammarly or Quillbot also substantiated that website is the right word.

Also, the journalists long revered dictionary AP Stylebook deemed Web site as the correct word. But Yahoo! Style Guide, the recently published version declared website as the correct word. 

If you are an academically driven person who seeks a dictionary for words then we have notes from Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary too. Surprisingly, the virtual dictionary suggested that Web site is the word. So it is clear that Merriam Webster and AP Style format go with the Web site.


On a different note, the word website is a fairly new concept in the great reservoir of words. Perhaps the public will prevail in the end, and we’ll all use the same word. In a different scenario, the grammatical geeks will prevail.

There is a possibility where using two terms starting with a capital W. It is proven adequate and vetted by google that website is a legit word. Also, it seems to promote it on grammatical websites. So next time when you find yourself at the crossroads of the web, make sure to use a website with a straight mind.

In conclusion, it is pretty clear and obvious that “website” is the right word backed by Google. Additionally, the Internet supports it to be the right word.


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