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Is it Tomatos or Tomatoes (Plural of Tomato Examples and Grammar)

What is the plural of tomato? Is it tomato or tomatoes? When you try South American, Spanish, or Italian foods, one thing is common which is known by the name tomato. Without tomatoes, these foods are incomplete.

However, do you know how to say tomato when you try to mean more than one tomato? Is it tomatos or tomatoe or tomatoes?

Well, the pluralization of English words is quite complicated. However, there is also an easy method to remember the correct spelling of the plural form of tomato. Keep reading this article to know more.

Tomatos or tomatoe
Tomatos or tomatoe

What Is The Correct Plural Form of Tomato?

It is general knowledge to add –s to a noun word when you are referring to a word in the plural form. However, this is not the case for a few words.

Typically, to spell nouns in English that end with the letter–o, then the plural form usually ends with the letter –s added at the end of the word.

For instance, patios, zoos, studios, radios, embryos, tacos, avocados, videos, etc. that end with the letter –s. Nevertheless, this isn’t the case for TOMATO.

Adding “-s” to tomato

Some people often make the error of adding the letter –s to tomato to form the plural of tomato. But this’s incorrect. This’s mainly because the singular of ‘tomato’ does not have –e at the end. Thus, people often get confused about whether to use only the letter -s or -es at the end of tomato to make it a plural word.

Nonetheless, the correct or ideal way to spell tomato in the plural is to simply add –es at the end. Therefore, the accurate spelling for tomato in the plural is ‘tomatoes’ not tomatos or tomatoe.

There are even other English words that end with the letter –o like the tomato that fall into the same group of adding the letters –es to create plural words.

Below are a few examples of other English words that also ends with the letter –o that needs the letters –es to be added to the words’ end to create the plural term.


  • Heroes
  • Potatoes
  • Buffaloes
  • Mosquitoes
  • Torpedoes
  • Vetoes
  • Echoes
Tomatos or tomatoe
Tomatos or tomatoe

Example of Using The Word Tomatoes

The correct plural spelling of tomato isn’t tomatos or tomatoe but ‘tomatoes’. The word ‘Tomatoes’ is spelled using an E because this’s the way you should spell the plural of tomato. Here are a few examples of the use of tomatoes in a sentence.

  • Often tomatoes are grown in cooler climates in greenhouses
  • Tomatoes weren’t grown in England before the 1590s.

The noun ‘tomato’ sticks to the traditional rules for creating the plural forms of nouns in the English language.


As soon as it comes to spelling the word tomato, there’s only one ideal way to spell it which is TOMATO.

The name tomato is usually misspelled and this’s common as soon as it comes to the plural spellings of tomato.  But let us tell you that the correct singular spelling is ‘tomato’ while the correct Plural spelling is ‘tomatoes’.

There are no other plurals formed for tomato. So, always remember that whenever you need to spell the plural for tomato, you need to add -es at the end.


Which is correct tomato or tomatoes?

Well, both are correct. However, ‘tomato’ is the singular form while the word ‘tomatoes’ is the correct plural spelling. When you mean to say more than one tomato, then the correct plural form is tomatoes.

What is tomato plural?

The correct plural form of tomato is TOMATOES. If you are confused between tomatoes or tomatoes, then let us tell you that the word “TOMATOES” is the correct spelling here.

Which is correct tomatos or tomatoes?

When it comes to plurals of tomato, then the word ‘TOMATOES’ is the correct one.

Why isn’t the plural of tomato, “tomatos”?

Some words in the English language need to be spelled -es rather than -s to form plurals of a word. Some common illustrations include tomatoes, torches, coaches, and potatoes.

Generally, a noun that ends in -o such as volcano, taco, and zoo, form plurals by only adding -s in the end. However, tomato and potato belong to a group of nouns that generally end with -o that oddly form plurals by simply adding -es.

Can a tomato be eaten raw?

Tomato is a delicious red food considered a vegetable and often a fruit in South America. You can simply eat it raw or make a tomato paste to consume tomatoes.

To eat it raw, simply collect fresh tomatoes from the tomato plant. It is full of essential nutrients so you can have them raw, cooked, or even dried.


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