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What Does “ONG” Mean? TikTok and Internet Slang Definition

What does “ONG” mean? When someone texts “ONG,” what are they trying to communicate? The English language is changing rapidly thanks to text messaging and the digital generation. If you received a text message with the acronym “ONG,” use this guide to help you understand the meaning and intention behind it.

“ONG” meaning and definition

“ONG” stands for “On God.” It is a shorthand way of saying, “I swear to God.” This is an expression that someone would use to provide emphasis toward a particular feeling, situation, or event.

When a person says, “ONG,” they are typically agreeing with a perspective that is getting shared from another person.

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This is usually an expression to explain that a situation or event is out of a person’s control. It is in God’s control. This is provided to express someone having great levels of difficulty about the situation.

ONG getting used in a text message.

Alternative meanings

These other meanings are less used and commonly mistaken for “ONG,” the internet slang acronym:

  • Oklahoma Natural Gas (reference)
  • Optical Networking Group
  • Overnight Guest
  • Ohio National Guard (reference)
  • Office Next Generation (Microsoft Office)
  • Non-Governmental Organization
  • (Airport Code) ONG

Another situation is if a friend accidentally says “ONG” instead of “OMG.” Make sure that this is not a misspelling by examining the context of the conversation and the words around the acronym.


Capitalization of “ONG” is typically ALL CAPS or all lowercase.

Correct: ONG

Correct: ong

Incorrect: Ong

Incorrect: OnG


Intentions of the phrase include:

  • Out of someone’s control.
  • A promise.
  • A swear to God.
  • Contract to the situation.
  • Agreement.


Social media: Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Text message: Between two people or in a group chat.

ONG getting used in a text message.

History of “ONG”

According to Urban Dictionary, “ONG” has use dating back to 2005. No other meanings of the term get used on social media or through SMS messaging. The abbreviation has always had the intended meaning behind it, truth and promise toward God.

Google Trends shows the acronym getting stable use through the years, dating back as far as 2004. The reason for the lack of use of the acronym is that similar internet slang acronyms like “OMG” and “ISTG” have taken popularity.

Example of “ONG” getting used

Examples of “ONG” getting used in a text message:

Example one

Friend 1: “If he doesn’t let us into this party this is going to be the worst situation, ever!”

Friend 2: “ONG! I swear. It is not funny!”

This example shows the second friend agreeing to the first friends perspective. And is using the acronym to make a promise to a greater power. An expression that is showing the person making a promise that something could happen if they don’t get let into the party.

ONG getting used in a text message.

Example two

Friend 1: “ONG. This is the most annoying thing ever.”

Friend 2: “I’m sorry, I know.”

In this second example, the first friend is using the acronym to describe aggravation and frustration. Or reaching a limit on their patience. The expression could get used in this way to describe general unhappiness.

Similar acronyms

Related acronyms that have a similar meaning:

ISTG: Or “I swear to God.” Another way to make a promise to a greater power.

S2G: Meaning, “Swear to God.” This is another way of saying “ISTG” or “ONG.”

OMG: Or “Oh my God.” This is when someone is saying they are shocked about a situation. Generally used as a type of reaction to an event or response to a piece of communication.

Common FAQs

Questions and answers.

What does “ONG” stand for on TikTok?

On TikTok, “ONG” could stand for general approval of a message or idea. The phrase still means, “On God.” Although, it used to agree with someone and show emphasis to something greater than the conversation (God).

What does “ONG” stand for over text?

The acronym has the same meaning as when it is used on all other platforms. It means, “On God.” Phrases like this are used to show expression, agreement, and promise to what perspective one person is sharing with another.

This could be an opinion, thought, idea, situation, or a complaint.


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