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What Does “WTW” Mean? Internet Slang Definition

What does “WTW” mean? Does it mean something inappropriate? Should it get used in business settings? When someone texts the internet slang acronym, “WTW.” What does it mean? The English language has undergone significant transformation thanks to the internet. In the digital world, communication is changing the way we look at English.

Learn what “WTW” means in this short guide…

“WTW” meaning and definition

“WTW” stands for, “What’s the word?” It is a way of saying hello. And asking a question to begin a conversation. Similar to someone asking, “What’s up?” Or, “What are you doing?”

The correct way to respond to “WTW” is to explain your current or future activities and plans. The intention behind the question is typically to inquire about hanging out or spending time together.

“WTW” getting used in a text conversation.


“WTW” is typically in ALL CAPS or all lowercase.

Correct: WTW

Correct: wtw

Incorrect: Wtw

Incorrect: WtW


  • Inquisition
  • Questioning
  • Asking about current or future plans
  • Invoke conversation


  • Text messages: Group or individual chats.
  • Video game chats: Chat rooms in role playing games.
  • Dating applications: A conversation starter.

How to respond to “WTW” in a text

Here are examples of how to respond to “WTW” in a text message:

“I’m just here, hanging out. What are you up to?”

“Nothing really, would love to hang out. What are you doing?”

Other meanings

Less common meanings for this acronym:

Look at the context of the conversation to understand the acronym’s intention. If a friend is asking, “WTW,” it usually stands for, “What’s the word?”

“WTW” getting used in a text conversation.

History of “WTW”

Urban Dictionary dates “WTW” back to 2016, making it one of the more recent internet slang acronyms to gain in popularity.

Examples of “WTW” getting used in a conversation

Here are examples of friends using “WTW” in a text conversation:

Example one

Friend 1: “WTW?”

Friend 2: “Nothing really, hanging out here at home. Basically, super bored. Do you want to hang out?”

This example shows two friends beginning a conversation using the “WTW” acronym. The second friend responds to the person by mentioning they would like to hang out.

Example two

Friend 1: “Anthony, WTW, I haven’t seen you in forever!”

Friend 2: “I know! It’s been way to long. We should hang out!”

The acronym can get used in a variety of ways. Including using it in the middle of a sentence to ask the person a question. It does not need to get used at the start or end of a sentence in order for it to have the same meaning.

Similar abbreviations

Similar abbreviations that are used between two friends.

WUP: Standing for, “What’s up?” Another way to ask someone to start a conversation.

SUP: Or, “What’s up?” An internet slang term to inquire about plans.

S^: Similar to “SUP” and using unique keystrokes to allude to the word, “up.”

W/U: Another way to say, “What’s up?”

Common FAQs

Questions and answers:

What does “WTW” mean on Snapchat, TikTok, or Twitter?

It means, “What’s the word?” It is used to a conversation starter. When two people want to start talking to each other.

It could be two users, people, friends, or acquaintances.


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