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Words That Rhyme With Dog (200+ Rhymes to Use)

Looking for words that rhyme with “dog?” The ability to listen to similar sounds within words is an important skill for someone learning a new language. It lays the groundwork for understanding that words are composed of separate speech sounds. And when the selected speech sounds are changed within a word, you can create a new word.

An example of this language structure would be cut-hut-but.

This is what you would call a ‘rhyme’

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, words that rhyme possesses similar terminal sounds when spoken or written.

In this blog post, readers can find different classifications of words that rhyme by using an original word that relates to man’s best friend. Read on to find what words rhyme with dog ideal for nursery rhymes and poems.

Words that rhyme with "dog"
Words that rhyme with “dog”

Words that Rhyme with Dog

The Collins dictionary describes a syllable as a part of a word that contains a single vowel sound, and that is pronounced as a unit. Single-syllable words are short and are only composed of a unit. Two-syllable words have 2 units to pronounce in a word, and so forth. Listed below are words that rhyme with dog matched to their number of syllables.

Single-syllable words that rhyme with dog

  • blog
  • bog
  • brogue
  • clog
  • cog
  • flog
  • fog
  • fogg
  • frog
  • glogg
  • grog
  • haag
  • haug
  • hog
  • hogg
  • jog
  • log
  • plog
  • pog
  • rog
  • scrog
  • slog
  • smog
  • sprog
  • togue
  • trogue
  • zaugg
  • zogg

Two-syllable words that rhyme with dog 

  • acog
  • agog
  • backlog
  • bulldog
  • bullfrog
  • eggnog
  • groundhog
  • hedgehog
  • hotdog
  • lapdog
  • leapfrog
  • pirog
  • prolog
  • sandhog
  • watchdog
  • yule-log

Three-syllable words that rhyme with dog 

Four-syllable words that rhyme with dog 

  • abominog
  • cardiologue
  • electrosmog
  • emenagogue
  • galactagogue
  • idealogue
  • melanagogue
  • secretagogue

Five-syllable words that rhyme with dog 

Words that rhyme with "dog"
Words that rhyme with “dog”

Rhyming Phrases To Use With the Word Dog

Using rhyming phrases with an assigned word can make lines of poems or story sounds more vibrant and exciting to read. The following list of phrases would add some spark to your writing:

  • bleed like a stuck hog
  • chestnut-flanked sparrowhawk
  • crawl before you can walk
  • have a heart-to-heart talk
  • holding on like a bulldog
  • informative talk
  • like a bump on a log
  • like falling off a log
  • like rolling off a log
  • living high off the hog
  • ongoing dialogue
  • positive self talk
  • proud as a peacock
  • ran amok
  • walk and talk
  • walk the talk
  • watch like a hawk
  • white as chalk
  • win in a walk
  • you’re the one to talk

Words That Rhyme With Synonyms of Dog

When composing a piece of writing, replacing a word with an equivalent can improve how you communicate with readers. If you were to write a nursery rhyme with the word dog, for example, using the word dog repetitively can be mundane. Instead, try to replace the word dog with its synonym. Read on for a list of words that rhyme with synonyms of dog.


  • affine 
  • align 
  • assign
  • bine 
  • brine 
  • cline 
  • crime
  • dine 
  • fine
  • swine
  • vine
  • whine
  • wine
  • zine


  • boggy
  • cloggy
  • doggie
  • foggy
  • fogie
  • froggy
  • groggy
  • moggy
  • nagi
  • poggy
  • scroggy
  • sloggy
  • smoggy
  • soggy
  • takagi
  • yagi


  • mound   
  • bound
  • ground   
  • sound
  • found   
  • pound
  • round   
  • crowned
  • downed   
  • drowned
  • stound   
  • frowned
  • gound   
  • wound
  • browned   
  • around 


  • abut
  • all but
  • betel nut
  • brazil nut
  • but
  • butt
  • chestnut
  • clearcut
  • coconut
  • crew cut
  • cut
  • donut
  • doughnut
  • dutt
  • glut
  • groundnut
  • gut
  • gutt
  • haircut
  • haute
  • hazelnut
  • horse chestnut
  • macadamia nut
  • monkey nut
  • netiquette
  • nut
  • nutt
  • peanut
  • phut
  • putt
  • qubit
  • rebut
  • robot
  • rut
  • rutt
  • scuttlebutt
  • shortcut


  • chubby
  • cuppy
  • dummy
  • duppy
  • fluffy
  • fuzzy
  • grubby
  • honey
  • hurry
  • money
  • monkey
  • sunny
  • supply
  • ugly
  • yuppie
  • yuppy

Imperfect Rhyming Words That Match With Dog

There are other names for imperfect rhymes that may be familiar to some. Imperfect rhymes are also called slant rhymes, lazy rhymes, near rhymes, and half rhymes.

In the world of rhyming, imperfect rhymes only meet some of the criteria of rhyming and not all. As such, these rhymes group words with similar sounds but not wholly the same. Near rhymes are great additions to songwriting, often giving a more interesting feel than perfect rhymes.

Examples of near rhymes of the word dog:

  • arc
  • awoke
  • bark
  • block
  • bloke
  • book
  • broads
  • broke
  • choke
  • cloak
  • clock
  • cock
  • coke
  • cook
  • cork
  • crock
  • crook
  • dark
  • folk
  • fork
  • gobs
  • gods
  • hook
  • jobs
  • joke
  • knock
  • lark
  • lock
  • look
  • mark
  • mistook
  • mock
  • moonwalk
  • odds
  • overlook
  • park
  • pods
  • poke
  • pork
  • provoke
  • rock
  • rods
  • rogue
  • shark
  • shock
  • shook
  • smoke
  • soak
  • sock
  • spark
  • spoke
  • stark
  • stock
  • storybook
  • talk
  • took
  • wads
  • walk
  • woke

Rhyming with the word dog

Now that you have a vast selection of words that rhyme with dog in your hand, it is time to apply it to your writing or oral speech. Using rhymes in a poem, lyrics or story can create a memorable echo for the audience. Rhyming words like dog-frog-log are pleasurable to read or say when strung together, making them perfect as an addition to any writing.

Words that rhyme with dog (images)

Words that rhyme with "dog"
Words that rhyme with “dog”
Words that rhyme with "dog"
Words that rhyme with “dog”

Other rhyming word lists

Here are other popular rhyming word lists:


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