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“OwO” Meaning—Definition, Uses, Examples

What does “OWO” mean? When someone says, “OWO” over text message or in an internet chat, what does it mean? This abbreviation is more unique than other internet slang terms. It is used to show expression.

Learn what “OWO” means in this short guide…

“OWO” meaning and definition

“OWO” stands for nothing. It is used to make a small picture of a cute face. With the “O” letters being the eyes (in a shocked or surprised fashion) and the “W” being the nose of the face. If used correctly, “OwO” looks like a small face.

Technically, the emoticon “OwO” is used to create a response. Making this a weird acronym when used in a conversation. What does “OWO” stand for? Truly, nothing.

“OwO” getting used in a text message conversation.

If you look at the word, the “O” can certainly represent eyes and the “w” can look like a type of nose.


Typically, the “OwO” abbreviation has a unique capitalization method. With the “O” letters being capitalized and the “W” letter being lowercase.

Correct: OwO

Incorrect: owO


In most cases, the “OwO” abbreviation is used amongst furry enthusiasts. These are communities of people who associate with animals. The “OwO” abbreviation can look like a type of anime face.

Social media: Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Internet forums: Discord, chat rooms, and other destinations.

“OwO” getting used in a text message conversation.

Intentions (synonyms)

  • Cute
  • Smiling
  • Appreciative
  • Warm
  • Meaningful
  • Amazed
  • Gleeful
  • Cheerful


This emoticon should not get used in business settings. It is a highly informal emoticon that can come across as childish if used in business settings.

Other meanings

These meanings, while far less common, can still have a place for the abbreviation “OWO”:

  • Old World Order (various organizations)
  • Outdoor Writers of Ohio
  • Obsolete When Out (Car Slang)
  • One Woman Operation
  • Origin Worlds Online (gaming community site)
  • On Work Order
  • Operations Workforce Optimization

History of “OWO”

Part of the first wave of emoticons used on the internet were those that looked like faces. Urban Dictionary dates the “OwO” emoticon back to 2016. While gaining in popularity around 2018. In most cases, a person using the abbreviation “OwO” is intending to communicate the emoticon to friends, rather than other associations.

It is used to convey emotion, intrigue, shock, and cuteness.

“OwO” getting used in a text message conversation.

“OWO” getting used in a conversation

“OwO” can get used in conversations of all types. Here are a few examples.

Example one

Friend 1: “OwO, what’s this? I just noticed that you sent me this a few days ago.”

Friend 2: “Yes, check it out. It’s so cute!”

In this conversation, the first friend is using “OwO” to be a sign of intrigue. This is a cute and happy response from a friend. It represents positive emotions and a generally positive response.

Example two

Friend 1: “I just sent you a picture of a really cute furry animal.”

Friend 2: “OwO!”

The second example shows the emoticon getting used on its own, without any other words around it. The abbreviation can get written on its own, used as a way to express that the person is excited.

“OwO” getting used in a text message conversation.

Similar short forms and abbreviations

Other similar short forms and abbreviations:

UwU: A very similar expression to “UwU,” used in the furry community. “UwU” also represents a face and an emotional response from one person to another. The “U” letters are intended to be eyes, replacing the “O” letters in the emoticon “OwO.”


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