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Is it Kindergarten or Kindergarden? (Correct Spelling + Examples)

Which word is correct, “kindergarden” or “kindergarten?” When referring to the grade level of American education, which is the correct word form to use? This commonly misspelled word can be a difficult habit to break (when typing).

Learn the correct spelling of the word and how to remember which form to use.


Why is this word commonly misspelled?

There are two primary reasons that this word is commonly misspelled. The word “garden” is spelled with a “d” and not a “t” letter. It is pronounced the same as in the word “kindergarten.” The “garden” portion of the word sounds identical.

Which is correct, kindergarten or kindergarten?

The correct spelling of the word is “kindergarten” with a “T” letter rather than a “D” letter.

Why is “kindergarten” spelled with a “T?”

The answer dates back to the 19th century. The word “kindergarten” comes from the German language. Where the base form “kinder” refers to children. And “garten” referring to garden. Think of the word as “child + care.”

How to remember which form to use

A simple trick to remember which form to use is to think about the word split into two parts. “Kinder” and “garden.” When thinking about wanting to be “kinder” we can think about that being the primary emphasis on the word.

When that’s the case, simply remember that the remainder of the word, “garten” is not a compound word (two words kinder + garden put together). Rather, an ending to the word “kinder.”


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