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Chorus vs. Choir—Differences, Uses, Examples

What is a chorus? What is a choir? What’s the difference between chorus vs. choir? These words can sound very similar in the English language. Although they have very different meanings behind them.

What is a chorus?

According to Merriam-Webster, a chorus is “a part of a song repeating after each verse.”

A chorus is a repeating section of the melody, usually in the same pitch range, often used to provide structure and unity to a song.

Choruses typically contain lyrics that express the song’s central theme or convey an important message. They are often repeated throughout the song to help create a sense of catchiness and memorability.

A group can sing choruses of people, or a single singer can perform them.

Choruses are often used in pop, rock, and hip-hop songs, and they typically feature prominently in the hook, which is the most memorable section of a song.

In many cases, the hook of a song will be the chorus.

“Choir” used in a sentence.

What is a choir?

Merriam-Webster defines “choir” as “an organized group of singers.”

A choir is a group of singers who perform together. The word “choir” can refer to any group of singers, but it is often used specifically to refer to groups that sing in harmony.

Choirs typically have a leader who helps direct the singing and often performs in front of an audience.

Choirs can sing all kinds of music, from classical to pop. They often perform at religious ceremonies and events and are used in movies and TV shows to create a feeling of grandeur or solemnity.

Many choirs are also known for their charitable work, such as raising money for various causes.

Where are choirs found?

  • Church groups (church choir)
  • Schools (high school, middle and elementary school)
  • Chamber choir

When to use the word “choir”

The word “choir” is typically used to refer to groups of singers who sing in harmony. It can also be used more broadly to refer to any group of singers.

It is commonly used in its noun form.

When to use the word “chorus”

“Chorus” refers to the part or section of a song that repeats after each verse. Often considered to be the “hook” of the song. The part that becomes the most memorable.

It is commonly used in its noun form.

Difference between “chorus” vs. “choir”

The term “choir” and “chorus” both originate from the music of ancient Greece (2nd century B.C.).

Singers singing in a group are considered a “choir.” The choir can perform music to a chorus. The chorus refers to the repeated section of a song after each verse.

In a singing group, a chorus refers to the group of singers who sing “the chorus.”

It can get confusing when a group of singers can be both a choir and chorus. In rare cases, it refers to the church singers in concept performing secular music, which means the singers performing in the choir as part of a larger group (the choir).

Remember, the choir refers to the group of performers.

“Choir” and “chorus” used in a sentence.

When to use the word “chorus”

The word “chorus” can refer to any repeating section of a song, but it is often used specifically to refer to the hook, which is the most memorable and catchy section of a song. It can also be used more broadly to refer to any repeating music section.

Examples in a sentence:

  • “We sang the chorus today as part of our church organization. It sounded beautiful.”
  • “The singers stand in a group setting. They are the choir who performs the chorus of the song.”
  • “The sacred music had a repeating part that kept our attention for long periods. It was the chorus of the song.”

When to use the word “choir”

To use the word choir, it is when it refers to a large group of singers. For example, “Other performers became part of the choir today after our trial run.”

Examples in a sentence:

  • “The ensemble that is getting ready is considered the choir. Their voices sound like angels of the opera.”
  • “I’m excited to go to the choir today and hear the musical performers play for us. I don’t know if I can refrain from having excitement.”

How to remember “Choir” vs. “Chorus”

Remember, a “choir” refers to the original meaning of singers and dancers in the religious festivals of ancient Greece. To make it easy, remember that they are groups of people.

To remember “chorus,” think of the word rhythm. And the part of a song that breaks up each verse.

“Chorus” used in a sentence.


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