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Is “Thank You’s” Correct?

When people say “thank yous” or “thank you’s” is that correct?

At first glance, you might think the word looks and sounds odd, so it must be incorrect. But that’s not always the case. While there are certain rigid rules in grammar about turning a singular word into a plural with the simple addition of the letter S, it is not always the case for all words.

Let’s take a closer look at what Thank Yous means

Is Thank Yous Correct?

In short, yes. Much like other words, thank You can be transformed into a plural form with just the addition of the letter S. In most cases, Thank Yous are used in formal speech when referring to gratitude towards certain people or services. It can also be in the form of an acknowledgments page in a book or a research paper.

However, you might have also noticed that people use a hyphen when adding the extra S in your Thank You. For example, you might say, “I owe a lot of Thank-Yous to many people.”

Can You Use A Hyphen In Thank You?

You might have seen many variations of the word Thank You, in many different sentences with different meanings. There are some rules when you can add a hyphen to Thank You for giving your sentence more meaning.

  • The first exception is when Thank You is used as a noun.

Example- I believe that a sincere Thank-You is in order

Here, the word THANK-YOU is the noun.

  • Another exception is when you use Thank-You as a modifier.

Example- I wrote so many Thank-You cards for the function tomorrow.

Here, the word THANK-YOU is a modifier to the noun.

Some people also use the plural form of Is Thank Yous with a hyphen and an apostrophe. For example, “I need to extend my thank-you’s to every who made this possible for me.” This is an accepted form of the word, according to Associated Press.

At the same time, many others can write the same sentence, meaning the same intentions but without the apostrophe. Hence, your way of writing Thank Yous is completely up to you and what you consider a style that suits you the best.

How To Use The Word Thank Yous Or Thank-Yous In A Sentence

  • I am here to announce my Thank Yous to everyone who supported me throughout my journey.
  • Your thank-you cards are in the mail
  • Take my Thank-yous as a gesture of appreciation for all your kind words
  • I have to finish writing all the thank-you’s by tonight
  • Consider this to be a thank-you from my side for all the hard work you have done

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