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Past Tense of “Lose” (Grammar + Examples)

What is the past tense of “lose?” Most commonly, the past tense of the word “lose” is “lost” although the word form will change based on its participle. And the sentence where it’s used. For example, referencing “lost” in the past participle form will change it to “lost,” but in the infinitive form, will be “lost.”

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What is the past tense of “lost?”

The past tense (past participle) form of “lose” is “lost.” The infinitive of the word form is “lose.” The present participle form is “losing.” The past tense form is “lost” and past participle form is “lost.”

To learn how to use these words, refer to the sentence examples provided below.

Sentence examples for past tense of “lost”

  • Infinitive: I lose the game whenever I play.
  • Present participle: I am losing the game whenever I play.
  • Past tense: I have lost the game already.
  • Past participle: I lost early.

“Lose” verb forms and examples

Example sentences in all verb forms:

Indefinite present tense

I lose the game whenever I play.

Present continuous tense

I am losing the game whenever I play.

Present perfect continuous tense

I have lost the game.

Present perfect tense

I have been losing in the game.

Simple past tense

I lost the game.

Past continuous tense

I was losing in the game.

Past perfect tense

I had lost the game.

Perfect continuous tense

I had been losing the game.

Simple future tense

I will lose the game if I play.

Future continuous tense

I will be losing if I play.

Future perfect tense

I will have lost the game already.

Perfect continuous tense

I will have been losing the game.

Examples in all verb tenses

Sentences examples in all participles and parts of speech:

Verb TenseExample sentence
Simple Present TenseI lose.
Present Continuous TenseI am losing.
Present Perfect TenseI have lost.
Present Perfect Continuous TenseI have been losing.
Simple Past TenseI lost.
Past Continuous TenseI was losing.
Past Perfect TenseI had lost.
Past Perfect Continuous TenseI had been losing.
Simple Future TenseI will lose.
Future Continuous TenseI will be losing.
Future Perfect TenseI will have lost.
Future Perfect Continuous TenseI will have been losing.


What is the past tense of the word “lose?”


What is an example sentence with the past tense of the word “lose?”

I lost.


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