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How to Answer “How is Your Day Going?”

Here’s how to answer, “How is your day going?” You have surely been asked this question so many times in your life. Even on a single day, a handful of people might want to ask about your day. It could be in your workplace or even when doing errands. It is normal for people to ask about your day and how you are when you run into them.

You can answer this question in many ways depending on your relationship with the speaker and the context of your conversation. You could keep it short and quick or dig deeper into the conversation. Perhaps, you could even tell a joke and lighten the mood.

What Does It Mean?

The question “How is your day going?” is usually asked by a person to know how your day has been or what you have been up to. It is less about being intrusive about your whereabouts and more about being polite and conversing well.

However, if you meet strangers, chances are that they will only ask you how you are and not ask you about your day since some people might find it to be a little personal. Close friends or acquaintances are usually the ones who ask about your day.

Short Answers Or Long Ones?

How you wish to answer when someone asks you about your day is up to you. You can keep it short and give them a simple good or bad answer or reciprocate by asking them about their day.

As social beings, it is often regarded as only polite to ask someone about their day when they ask you the same question. In a way, this s a type of mutual respect you have for each other.

Which Is The Best Response?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it can vary from person to person. If you are not a socially active person and do not like talking to people that much, you might just give them a short answer which is still valid. If you already have a good rapport with the person asking you this question, you can go deeper into the conversation by explaining your whole day and asking about theirs.

Here are ten examples of how you can answer this question:

  • It is going great! Thank you for asking
  • Today has been fairly productive. How are you doing?
  • It is been a pretty good day. What about you?
  • It is going really well! I appreciate you asking.
  • It is decent but could be better.
  • It is going okay. How about yours?
  • The day is a little hectic, but I am hanging in there.
  • Some things are out of the ordinary, but all is well.
  • I have had better days
  • It was all good until I fell down the stairs in the morning.

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