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Is it He and I or He and Me?

is it “he and I” or “he and me?” Which one is correct?

For native speakers, recognizing whether a statement sounds grammatically wrong may come intuitively. But for new speakers or those who do not have a firm grasp of the deeper details, it can be hard to understand all the grammatical rules.

One of the common mistakes you might see is the usage of the correct pronouns. Let us take a look at how you should use them in the right way.

Which One Should I Use?

According to the grammatical rules of English, HE AND I is the correct way of addressing you and another person. But this is a very tricky rule to understand since pronouns like ME and I have the same meaning, so some might get confused with its usage.

The I pronoun is typically used when the speaker is the one doing the action. He can be doing it alone or with another person but the correct pronoun is always I.

On the other hand, the ME pronoun is usually used when the speaker receives the action of the verb in the sentence, regardless if it is direct or indirect.

How To Use HE AND I In A Sentence

  • When it got dark, he and I decided it was time to catch a ride and head home
  • He and I play basketball together every day
  • We went out to play football yesterday and he and I were playing on opposite teams.
  • He and I are best friends. I have known him since high school.

Is It Wrong To Use HE AND ME?

It is not grammatically correct, even though the speaker and the listener may find it to make sense. Instead of HE AND I, some people would say HIM AND I, although this is also grammatically incorrect. The reason behind this is that the usage of pronoun ME should never be used at the beginning of the sentence as a subject.

The HIM in this context is an object pronoun and hence is used to refer to someone else in the soy like a male person or an animal. You shouldn’t confuse this with singular possessive nouns like when you use the person’s name in a sentence (Matthew’s or John’s). It is instead used as the object, subject or the possessive form of a noun.

Instead, you can say HIM AND ME to refer to the self and another person as the speaker of the sentence. These are personal pronouns but are objective so it can be used together.

For example:

  • We asked the artist to paint a picture of HIM AND ME
  • The bully was making fun of HIM AND ME today

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