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What Does “G2G” Mean? Internet Slang Definition

What does “G2G” mean? When someone uses the internet slang term, “G2G,” what are they referring to? Is it referring to government agencies? Is it referring to something inappropriate? Can it get used in a business setting? The English language is changing thanks to the internet, texting, and online chat rooms.

Learn what “G2G” means in this short guide…

“G2G” meaning and definition

“G2G” simply means, “Got to Go.” It is a short form reference to someone who is intending to leave a conversation. Or has to step away from their digital device. The intended use of someone using the acronym “G2G” is to inform the other party they will not be able to respond to any messages until they return.

G2G getting used in a text conversation.


Most commonly, the acronym is used in either ALL CAPS or all lowercase letters.

Correct: G2G

Correct: g2g

Incorrect: g 2 g

Incorrect: G2g

Common uses

Typical uses for the abbreviation include the following:

  • When having communication in an online game.
  • When needing to inform someone in an online chat that they need to step away.
  • Social media platforms. Including Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Lastly, during a text conversation where someone intends to stop the conversation.

Other meanings

Less common meanings of “G2G” are:

While many organizations use “G2G” in their name, if there is communication between two people over the internet or text—it’s unlikely it’s referring to the organizations or businesses.

History of “G2G”

Urban Dictionary dates the use of “G2G” back to 2003. “G2G” as an internet slang term is nearly as old as other acronyms like “LOL” or “OMG.”

G2G getting used in a text conversation.

Examples of “G2G” getting used

Here are conversation examples where someone could use the acronym “G2G”:

Example one

Friend 1: “I can’t wait to go to the park this weekend, it’s going to be very nice out.”

Friend 2: “Me too. Have to run. G2G. Talk later!”

In this example, the second friend is needing to end the conversation. They are informing the other person that they will be stepping away from their digital device, computer, or other form of communication.

Example two

Man 1: “I can’t wait to see you this weekend, it’s going to be fun.”

Girl 1: “G2G”

This example shows a man and woman having a conversation. Frequently confused or misunderstood as the other person being cold when they reply, “G2G.” It’s important in settings like this not to read too far into the situation and ask for clarity if confused about the meaning behind the response.

Similar short forms and internet abbreviations

Other similar short forms and terms that could get used:

TTYL: When someone says this acronym, it means “talk to you later.” This is another form of communication where a person needs to step away from the computer.

L8R: Another acronym that means “later.” This is when someone is saying goodbye and is choosing to use a shorter form of the word.

BBL: Or “Be Back Later,” is another way for someone to inform another person that they intend to return to their device at a later time. Used to assist someone in managing expectations about a response time to future communication.


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