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Fortune Favors the Brave (Meaning, Origin, Examples)

Fortune favors the brave! People in their everyday English usage commonly use this idiom. To use this idiom correctly and at the correct times, a person must know the origin and significance of the idiom.

The idiom means that fortune favors those people who take their decisions decisively. Thus, your choices in life decide if you will be favored by fortune or not.

Now, let us look at the origin of the idiom and its usage in sentences…

What does the idiom mean?

The meaning of the idiom in the literal sense is that “if a person is willing to take risks, then the fortune will favor him.”

You can have great rewards in your career or life goals if you are willing to have a bold approach to life. Most people who have tasted success have been courageous and bold.

The idiom encourages people not to hesitate to go after what they desire in life.


Where did the idiom come from?

It is said that the people of Rome first used this idiom. Historians have recorded the early usage of the idiom by the Roman people (circa 19 B.C.).

The writings of Virgil, Ennuis, Pliny the Elder, and Terence are said to have a record of the idiom usage. It is regarded as the translation of a proverb belonging to the Latin language.

Historically, the people of the Anglosphere in the military used this idiom. Coat of Arms clans and families continue to use this idiom today.

The idiom appears across the world in many cases. The quote “Fortes Fortuna Juvat” is used by Judske Dragonregiment in the Royal Danish Army. The quote “Audentes Fortuna Iuvat” is used in the University of Milano Bicocca’s logo. Other appearances include “Audentis Fortuna Iuvat” and “Fortuna adiuvat.” Or “Audaces Fortuna Iuvat,” meaning luck or fortune helps those who are brave.

“Fortune favours the bould” is an alternative spelling of the same idiom “fortune favors the brave.”

Examples of the idiom used in sentences

You can use the idiom in different ways in English sentences.

Here is a list of sentences that have been formed using the idiom:

1. Go for your dreams as fortune favors the brave

In the sentence, the speaker is saying to the listener not to be hesitant about running after the dreams he or she has. Fortune will follow if one is brave enough to chase his or her dreams.

2. Go propose to her as fortune favors the brave

The speaker tells the listener to propose her love interest in this sentence. In this manner, the speaker motivates the lover to propose if he wants to marry the girl of her dreams.

3. Don’t lose hope as fortune favors the brave

In this sentence, the speaker advises the listener not to lose hope and bravely face the hardships of this life. In this manner, this idiom sounds quite motivating.


Synonyms of the idiom

The idiom has several synonyms. Here is a list of various synonyms that can be used in place of the idiom:

  • the strong are favored by the fortune
  • the actions of the courageous people are rewarded
  • the daring are favored by the fortune
  • the bold is favored by the fortune
  • the fortune favors the daring
  • the adventurous people are favored by luck
  • no glory is achieved without guts
  • no win is achieved without a venture
  • those win who dare
  • success is brought by cheekiness
  • great achievements are gained by courage
  • risk is worth it
  • one must try flirting with danger
  • a loser is one who hesitates
  • you cannot gain anything without pain
  • fair treatment is deserved only by the brave
  • you cannot achieve anything without aventure

Alternative ways to say the idiom

This idiom can be said in a lot of other ways.

For example, you can paraphrase the idiom “fortune favors the foolish and the brave” or “daring is favored by fortune.”

You can say that strong people are favored by fortune, and bold people are favored by fortune.

You can use this idiom in a lot of different ways. Using the idiom in alternative ways gives a kind of edge to the sentence and makes your vocabulary look more refined.

Who is Louis Pasteur, and why did he say “fortune favors only the prepared mind?”

Louis Pasteur is a renowned French microbiologist and chemist. He is known for discovering pasteurization, microbial fermentation, and vaccination.

He was born in 1822 and died in 1895. He demonstrated how microorganisms cause diseases. He made vaccines from weakened microbes. He discovered vaccines against diseases like rabies, anthrax, and cholera.

In the field of observation and discovery, Louis Pasteur said that “fortune favors only the prepared mind.” He said so because he believed that unexpected results are prepared by chance. Discoveries come in front of us in the form of chances.

“A researcher who does not possess a prepared mind simply throws some unexpected results, which might be a blessing in disguise. On the other hand, the researcher whose mind is prepared sees a chance discovery as an opportunity to find something new.”


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