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Is it Bingeing or Binging? (Definition and Examples)

Is it bingeing or binging? Which form is correct? There is a plethora of grammar and syntax rules to account for in the English language. Not to mention the intricate and often confusing rules that dictate speech and general writing.

Then there is the quandary that many people face with correct spelling. Furthermore, adding suffixes and prefixes, too. For instance, how do you add an “ing” to a word ending in a vowel?

A case in point can be the word “binge”. It ends with the vowel “e.” So, when you have to add “ing” to binge, does it change to “bingeing or binging”? Learn in this short grammar guide.

What does “binging” mean?

Before you go into the depths of how words ending with vowels change when you add suffixes to them, you should know the meanings of the words.

To binge fundamentally means to overdo something or overindulge for a short duration. For instance, if you are thinking of bingeing or binging on sweets, you want to gorge on sweets, indulging in overeating them.

Binging (verb) /binj/indulge in an activity – watch multiple episodes of a television program over a short period of time.

What does “bingeing” mean?

Merriam-Webster defines binging and bingeing as, “indulge in an activity, to excess.”

The meanings of both words are the same, as, in effect, except for the “e” letter. The words “binging” and bingeing” do, in fact, mean the same thing.

Words that sound the same and have different spellings are called homophones. “Bingeing” and “binging” are great examples of a homophone.

Merriam-Webster states that both spellings are appropriate and correct.

Around the year 1980, the retention of the “e” gained some popularity, and it was [acceptable to be] included rather than excluded as we can see from the Google Ngram Viewer.

Sentence example
Sentence example

How to use the word “binging”

The appropriate and accurate use of the words “binging” and “bingeing” is seen in all English writing genres. Consequently, whether you put an “e” or not, remember that both are correct.

Examples in sentences

Here are some examples of the words as they are used in written form in English:

  • You don’t have to be a health specialist to know bingeing on food like pizza, chips, and soda is bad for your body.
  • He was binging on soda so much; it became a problem, and he had to go into rehabilitation.
  • On holiday, many people relax by bingeing on movies.
  • Binging on junk food may be okay for a while, but constantly doing so will ruin your health in the long run.

Is it “binging things on Netflix” or “bingeing things on Netflix”?

When you think about bingeing or binging, you may come across several instances of the word in memes, news articles, and social media.

A common way for people to refer to the fact that they watch a lot of shows and films on the popular Netflix streaming service is by using the word idiom “bingeing or binging on Netflix.”

This simply means that they watch a lot of films and shows, almost to the point of indulging in this activity most of the time.

Consequently, they may even say that they are “binge-watching” shows. Since bingeing and binging are both used interchangeably, you can use either of these words while referring to “bing(e)ing things on Netflix.”

Sentence example
Sentence example

Can bingeing be considered a disorder?

Anything you are “binging on” means that you are overdoing something.

If you are binge eating, you are overeating. Anything that could get deemed unhealthy and consumed in large volumes could be considered “bad.”

Bingeing or binging on anything harmful to your body (and mind) may be considered a disorder. According to the NHS of the UK and the Mayo Clinic, USA, binge eating is a disorder.

How to spell “bingeing” correctly

“Bingeing,” with an “e,” and “binging” without an “e” are both correct spellings that mean the same things (or have the same definitions).

Some experts argue that the “e” is better to use in the word as it indicates a soft “g” sound (of the letter preceding “e”).

Here are some examples of correct and incorrect spellings:

Examples of correct spelling

  • She walked in on him while he was binging on a juice carton.
  • While bingeing on several cups of tea daily, Sara didn’t realize she was overdoing the habit.
  • Bingeing is never good for the body, regarding what you consume, there should always be a balance.

Examples of incorrect spelling

  • Binjing is terrible for you, especially if you overdo it while eating fried food.
  • If you keep binjing on juice this way, you will be a juice fiend.


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