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Cover My Bases or Basis (Basis vs. Bases)

Is it cover my bases or basis? What is the difference between the two words “bases” and “basis?” These homophones can be confusing to see in American English. Learn the difference between these two words in this short guide.

Difference between basis and bases

The words basis and bases are frequently confused because they have a similar sound but different spellings and definitions, making them homophones. Moreover, you will see many definitions of the homophonic words’ bases, the word origins of the terms, and some instances of how they are used in sentences in English.

A basis is the foundation of an argument or technique, a fundamental idea, the framework upon which something is built, or the reasoning behind a picture. The word basis is derived from the Greek word basis, which signifies a base on which to stand. 

Basisthe underlying support or foundation for an idea, argument, or process.
Bases (base)plural form of base and basis.

Many English language learners need clarification on the word’s essential bases. These words not only sound similar, but they also have somewhat similar meanings. A base is something that acts as a foundation or base.

A notion, stream of thought, or method’s supporting structure or foundation is referred to as its base. A different word for basis or base in the plural is bases. Basis and bases are fundamentally different since the former is a noun in its singular form, whereas the latter is a base or foundation in its plural. 

What does basis mean?  

A concept, argument, or process’s basis is its fundamental support or foundation. In other terms, it refers to a foundation or point of departure for something else. The term “basis” can describe the rationale behind something and the system or tenet that guides how something is done. 

Examples of basis in a sentence  

1. However, they appeared to be, at least on a limited basis 

2. She regularly attempted to beat me regularly 

3. People in my company often operate on a need-to-know basis. 

4. It serves as the basis of female psychology. 

5. In any case, I always assumed that you and the Eel were performing it daily. 

What do bases mean?  

Bases can refer to either the plural of basis or the plural of the ground. You can better comprehend this word by looking at the examples given below. 

Plural of basis  

  1. What foundations support your arguments? 
  2. The same ideals that bind a nation together can also be its downfall. 

Plural of base  

  1. The term base can mean several things, including 
  2. The bottom of something or its edge 
  3. A conceptual framework or substance that something depends on 
  4. A location utilized by the military or others as their operational hub 

Examples of bases in a sentence  

1. Campaigns in Iowa typically establish regional offices that the staff can use as bases. 

2. On the nightstands on either the first ordeal ended, identical rose-hued lamps and n ebony bases sat on the small first trial ended when the surviving arrived and reached the rebels’ headquarters. 

4. He supplies meat to every base in Germany. 

5. This person went all out and covered every base. 

What distinguishes bases from a basis?  


  1. The noun “basis” is singular. 
  2. The noun “bases” is plural. 


  1. The term “basis” describes the underlying support or foundation for a concept, line of reasoning, or method. 
  2. Bases can refer to either the basis or the base plural. 

Final Thoughts 

In the end, the words bases and basis are commonly confused because they easily spell incorrectly. In addition, the word basis denotes either a fundamental idea or an object. 


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