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Is it “Bare Children” or “Bear Children?” (Correct Grammar + Examples)

The correct phrase bare children or bear children? To bare children or to bear children? These two phrases can be confusing since “bear” and “bare” hold different meanings. One is referring to the act of “holding something closely.” While the other is referring to a large animal.

Learn the difference between these two phrases in this short American English guide.

Bear childrenCorrect
Bare childrenIncorrect

Which is correct, “bare children” or “bear children?”

Very similar to “bare weight” or “bear weight,” the correct answer is to “bear children.” The reason for this is that the phrase “bare children” would refer to the idea that children must be unbearable. And that a person would have to bare the experience of those children.

In contrast, when referring to “bearing children,” we are speaking about the idea of having children. Or to give birth.

Sentence examples using “bear children”

Here are sentence examples using the phrase “bear children”:

  • Will you bear children in the future if you meet the right person?
  • I would love to bear children in the future and start a family.
  • The day will come when I am going to bear children. It will be a gift from God.

Sentence examples using “bare children”

Here are sentence examples using “bare” correctly when referring to children:

  • I can hardly bare children. I can’t stand to be around them.
  • I don’t want to have children in my future because I can’t bare to be around them.

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