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Is it “Apartment” or “Appartment?” (Correct Grammar + Examples)

Is the correct spelling “apartment” or “appartment?” How is the word “apartment” spelled? An apartment is a small unit inside a larger building typically used for residential or commercial living. Does the word contain one “p” letter or two?

Learn everything you need to know in this short American English guide.

What is the correct spelling of “apartment?”

Apartment is spelled with one “p” letter and not two.


Why is it often confused?

Frequently, the word “apartment” is confused with “appartment” because both French and Italian would spell this word with two “p” letters instead of one. For new American English speakers and writers, this could get confusing. For example, “appartamento” is the noun form in Italian.

How to remember to spell it “apartment”

To remember to spell the word correctly, remember that only words like “appreciate” and “appointment” contain two “p’s.” These words typically have longer “p” pronunciation in the words. While apartment has a shorter, softer “p” pronunciation in the word.

Sentence examples using “apartment”

To understand how to use the word “apartment” in American English, follow these sentence examples:

  • I want to rent an apartment in the mountains for the winter.
  • I need to pay my apartment bill before the end of the month.

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